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The Primary Functions of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

Medicines or medical drugs are also known as pharmaceutical products. These certified products are used specifically using modern as well as traditional medical components. Pharmaceutical drugs are crucial for preventing and treating health problems and diseases in the public.

Using such verified medicines helps people to believe in the health system, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, and health professionals. The pharmaceutical industry is huge and generates sizable revenue. The medications from the manufacturer reach the local pharmacy through the pharmaceutical wholesalers.

The Role of a Pharmaceutical Wholesaler:

  1. A pharmaceutical products wholesaler gets to purchase medicines and drugs directly from pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  2. The licensed wholesale distributors then sell the medical products to various pharmacies and retailers.
  3. Pharmaceutical wholesalers can be called intermediary parties standing between pharmaceutical manufacturers and retailers
  4. They facilitate the timely delivery of authentic medications in a dedicated and secure way
  5. Wholesale distributors have the responsibility to provide and guarantee good product quality and prevent the sale of counterfeit medications

Authenticity and Compliance with GDP

Only licensed wholesale drug distributors prevent counterfeit prescriptions and medications from flooding the market. This ensures that consumers are not cheated in any way. Websites that say ‘not a prescription shop pharmacy’ are most likely operating minus a valid licence.

Wholesalers have to maintain full compliance with GDP or good distribution practices. This alone can ensure that the quality and trustworthiness of the medicines and drugs are properly maintained throughout the entire supply chain. They also need to swear adherence to compliance with GMP or good manufacturing practices to guarantee timely and efficient distribution, storage of medicines, packaging, transportation, labeling, documentation, etc.

Two Types of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

There are two types of wholesale distributors; full-line wholesalers and specialised companies. The full-line distributors buy a complete product line of a pharma company. On the other hand, a specialised company wholesale distributor purchases particular drugs to be sold to hospitals and clinics.

The Concise Business Model Followed by Drug Wholesalers

Wholesalers purchase medications in bulk at relatively low prices. Pharmacies and customers in turn buy medications from reputed wholesalers. You can buy over-the-counter medicines, generic medicines, branded medications, and herbal medicines from wholesalers.

Wholesale distributors usually make a good profit from direct sales. However, only licensed wholesalers can sell directly to customers or patients. The concise model planners have experienced significant success in the last few years.

Saving the Hard-earned Money of the Customer 

Pharmaceutical products wholesalers provide the chance to save money for the clients and customers. Be it pharmaceutical retail or supply, the ultimate goal is to offer the finest quality medicinal products and services at affordable prices to the end users. As a wholesaler, you can rely upon and trust Pharma West Africa exhibitions to showcase all the topmost pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, and importers in the country. Pharma West Africa can interest all those involved at some stage in the pharmaceutical medicines supply chain. The exhibitions are held and organised by BtoB Events company, one of the biggest and largest event organisers in the West African region.

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