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How to Take Care of Your Jewelry While Traveling?

A long tour with friends or family to enjoy vacations is an exciting thing. We plan to carry a lot of beautiful outfits according to our party and occasion. How can you forget jewelry during a journey? It is good to carry different kinds of jewelry while traveling with family and friends but you must also take care of it.

In the excitement of the trip, we often neglect cleaning our earrings or costly bracelets that damage their shine. Some basic cleaning tips and tricks will help to keep jewelry clean and maintain its shine for a long time. This blog lists all the best tricks to take care of jewelry during a tour.

Tips To Follow to Take Care of Jewelry While Traveling

Whether it is a gold ring or diamond earrings, you must take care of your jewelry while traveling on a long-distance tour. Here are the best tips you can try to keep your jewelry safe while traveling to family picnics or trips:

1. Use Straws for Keeping Chains

Chains often get tangled while keeping them in a jewelry box. One of the best things to keep chains straight is by using a plastic straw. You can take a few straws to store your thin gold chains and silver chains.

Using straws will not cause the tangling of chains. You can also wear a chain immediately while going for a date or party. This trick will save time and you can wear your favorite chain with your favorite outfit or dress.

2. Get A Good Jewelry Organizer

If you are visiting any beach or hill station for a picnic, carry a good jewelry organizer. This jewelry box will keep your diamond jewelry, citrine bracelet and gold rings properly. Different compartments in the jewelry organizer will help you to keep rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets separately.

You can get a stylish jewelry organizer in different materials these days. These jewelry organizers are available from any local store or online market. They protect expensive rings and earrings from UV rays, moisture, dust, and allergens.

3. Carry A Pillbox or Pill Case

A pill case or pill box is another option to keep your jewelry safe. It is easy to organize all your costly necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings in a pill box. These boxes are made of good materials that store jewelry perfectly.

You can save time and find jewelry immediately that matches your dress. Several compartments make it easy for you to organize your regular jewelry and expensive jewelry properly. These pill boxes and pill cases come in different shapes, patterns and shades.

4. Cleaning Jewelry Smartly

After wearing jewelry, it is also necessary to clean it regularly. You can use a plastic bag or saran wrap to clean your rings or earrings. Apart from that, you can also use an eyeglass cleaning cloth to clean your jewelry. A polishing cloth will also do the task properly.

Microfiber cloth is soft on gold and silver jewelry. It also keeps the shine of the jewelry intact. Avoid using cotton pads or cotton balls to clean jewelry as they leave fibers on rings.

5. Use Press and Seal Wraps

You can use plastic seals to store your expensive jewelry. All you need to do is to place your jewelry on the press and seal wrap and put another piece on it. Now, you can press and seal the wraps.

These wraps prevent the tangling of jewelry. They also keep rings, earrings, and necklaces perfectly. You can remove jewelry one by one that suits your outfit according to the occasion. Moreover, these wraps keep every piece of jewelry in proper order.

6. Use Normal Plastic Bags

If you can’t immediately think of any idea for storing jewelry, grab a simple plastic bag. These plastic bags are easily available anywhere and store jewelry properly. They also prevent jewelry from sun rays, water, dust, and pollutants.

One of the best ideas is to take different plastic bags for different pieces of jewelry. You can also stick labels on each bag with the name of the jewelry. These plastic bags prevent scratching of jewelry. They also protect your jewelry from sun rays, water, and pollutants. It is easy to place these plastic bags in any backpack or laptop bag.

7. Do Not Place Jewelry in Luggage

Normally, we keep jewelry and clothes in a suitcase and use handbags or hand purses to keep money and credit cards. Do not place jewelry in any luggage and use your handbags or purses to keep your rings and earrings.

Keeping jewelry in handbags will save time and you can wear it immediately when you get late for a trip. Some people forget their luggage in the hotel rooms. It also increases the risk of jewelry getting stolen or misplaced. So, you must keep expensive jewelry in your handbags or hand purses or hand clutches.

8. Jewelry Pouch

If you want to try a unique way to store your jewelry, take a jewelry pouch. You can easily get jewelry pouches from any store room or online marketplaces. These pouches come in different materials such as silk, cotton, and nylon. They look stylish while going on any family trip or honeymoon.

Jewelry pouches come in different designs and colors. You can carry different jewelry pouches that suit different outfits. They also keep jewelry safe and prevent them from moisture, sunrays, and allergens.

9. Use Buttons for Earrings

Another DIY technique for your expensive earrings is using buttons. You can carry different buttons to organize your earrings properly. All these buttons can be kept in a pouch or handbag.

Final Words

These are some of the best tips to follow while going on a trip or a long tour. You can try these tips to store your expensive bracelets or gold rings properly. Storing jewelry and taking care of it is an important step while going on any trip with family and friends.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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