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What Are The Side Effects of Lortab To Your Mind and Body?

There is no denying that Lortab is a potent drug. Doctors prescribe it to alleviate pain, and many people use it recreationally for the euphoric feeling it induces. But with any potent drug, there are side effects. Side Effects of Lortab Abuse including nervousness, dry mouth, and headaches. But another significant risk is often overlooked: the effects on your mind and body can be devastating.

What Are The Side Effects of Lortab Abuse?

1. Dependence

While most think of ‘addiction’ as an overwhelming compulsion to keep abusing drugs, dependence is a different concept altogether. Dependence is a physical dependence on the drug itself instead of an emotional attachment. This way, Lortab dependence is a real risk that can cause severe mental and physical problems.

2. Confusion

Side Effects of Lortab Abuse can lead to confusion, but it’s especially problematic for people with underlying mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. Confusion is a real risk when taken in conjunction with other drugs or alcohol because it can impair your ability to tie cause and effect together.

3. Nausea, Vomiting, and Constipation

Many people get nauseous or vomit when they take Lortab. The drug causes severe drowsiness and may result in you falling asleep while you’re taking a meal. That, combined with the fact that it makes your mouth very dry, can result in nausea. Lortab also slows your digestive system, which increases your risk of constipation, another unpleasant side effect.

4. Hallucinations

Side Effects of Lortab Abuse along with other drugs or alcohol can lead to hallucinations. It is because Lortab causes drowsiness and can make you fall asleep before you’re even aware that your mind is shutting down. The drug has also been known to trigger a feeling of déjà vu, in which people suddenly feel certain sensations or thoughts they’ve felt before when they haven’t.

5. Depersonalization and Derealization

An underlying risk of Lortab abuse is the potential for these effects to occur, though the cause isn’t always straightforward. The first symptom is a feeling of depersonalization. People who take Lortab stop identifying themselves as ‘they’ and start feeling like ‘it.’ While this can initially be relieved by taking more Lortab, it can make one feel that an inanimate object has replaced their body.

The second symptom is derealization. It’s similar to depersonalization. Instead of feeling like your body is inanimate, you’ll feel like the world has departed from reality. As with depersonalization, this can be overcome by taking more Lortab. However, taking the drug regularly is not a good idea because it can raise your risk of mental health issues in the future.


Side Effects of Lortab Abuse has many potential problems, some of which can persist long after you’ve stopped taking the drug. Withdrawal symptoms can include nausea and confusion. While these are a natural response to stopping a drug you’ve been using for a long time, they can also lead to depression or thoughts of suicide.

But that’s not the worst part of Lortab abuse. The most apparent risk is dependence, which can result in severe mental illnesses like personality disorders or schizophrenia.

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