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Spiti – The bum who travels


Spiti Valley Tour, as the name implies, means middle land. It is located between india and tibet. It is a stunning place, with beautiful locations and streams flowing through them. There are many activities and places to see if you plan to visit this stunning place. There is much to see and do, from trekking, camping, shopping, to learning about the culture, food, and customs of the area. These are just a few of the many activities that you should try.

Things to Do

  1. River rafting
  2. Pin Valley National Park
  3. Buddhist monasteries
  4. Camping at chandratal
  5. Dhankar lake trek
  6. The highest-ranking post office in the world
  7. Yak safari
  8. Village giu

River rafting

If you’re an adventure lover, river rafting is a must-do activity while in spiti. Your adrenaline will pump as the water flows at a rapid pace, gurgling and rushing along. You’ll enjoy river rafting and beautiful spots in the spiti Valley.

Pin Valley National Park

Pin valley national park is worth a visit if you are at the higher elevations of the Himalayas. Snow leopards, siberian Ibex, himalayan snowcocks, tibetan gazelle, snow partridges, and many other endangered species are all here. It is worth the treat to see this diverse species with their beautiful, mesmerizing nature.

Buddhist monasteries

You’ll find a lot of buddhism and monasteries in spiti, which is close to tibet. It adds a cultural and religious dimension to spiti that is worth seeing. These monasteries are a great place to spend a quiet time. You will be amazed at the beautiful architecture that is still in good condition. These monasteries are popular with tourists from all religions and allow them to enjoy their quiet time in the lap of the spiti.

Camping at chandratal

This lake is located at 4300m in the laps of Himalayas. It offers a beautiful view with majestic mountains surrounding it and camping right beside it. This incredible view is a must-see for anyone who dreams of waking up to this breathtaking view.

Dhankar lake trek

You can also trek to dhankar lakes from spiti, which is a beautiful place. For those who seek adventure and peace, spiti is a great choice. Dhankar lake is located above Dhankar monastery, 4270m high. The view from this sport is amazing and adventurous. You’ll feel at peace and content after trekking through the rough terrain.

The highest-ranking post office in the world

Imagine the highest post office in the world at 4389m, between komik village and langza village in hikkim. Surprises are what spiti is all for! Who wouldn’t love to explore this area and meet the people and customs of the region?

Yak safari

Are you done with camping and trekking? You’re done with camping and trekking. You can ride ayak over it to gain an entirely new experience.

Village of giu

Giu is a village located between sumfo & tabo. To reach it, you can use YouTube to climb 8km. Tourists love to visit this village because of its mummy, which is 500 years old. It is a mystery experience due to the many legends associated with it. One of the most famous legends about this mummy is that it is a meditating lama.

Baralacha pass

Trekking is a favourite activity for adventurers. Bike riding or trekking to the baralacha pass can be a thrilling and risky experience. This pass is considered to be one of the most dangerous in the world. It is a risky, tough climb that you won’t regret. You will also be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the zanskar and himalayan ranges.

Kazas main market

It’s all well and good to travel to spiti valley, explore nature, and do adventure activities. But if you don’t shop at least a few miles from your home, then you are missing a lot. There is so much to see and do in the kaza marketplace. Tibetan and Buddhist handicrafts, as well as skull and bone sculpture painted in silver, are all available. Kaza is all about exploration and artistry.

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