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Confluence Pricing vs Miro Pricing: An Expert Analysis 2022

When it comes to cloud collaboration software, you should know that Confluence and Miro both have good reputations and can provide value to your company. Miro is free for five users, but Confluence charges a premium fee of $105 per month for up to twenty users. This fee includes unlimited pages and free support.

Confluence Pricing

Confluence is a web-based project management platform that has been around for several years. It allows companies to organize their projects and collaborate with their teams on a single platform. Miro is a similar tool, but it has a visual element that facilitates brainstorming and collaboration. You can check more about the updated confluence pricing in detail.

Both Confluence and Miro allow you to work collaboratively on documents. The Confluence software allows you to edit a file in real-time, leave comments on files, and get notifications. You can also communicate with your remote team with announcement blogs and set permissions for individual team members. Confluence also allows you to organize information using a hierarchical value system, making it easy to share and collaborate with your team.

Both Confluence and Miro offer free plans for up to five users. However, the Confluence free plan doesn’t include all the features of its premium plans, which can reach $105 per user per month. Miro’s premium plan also includes unlimited pages and free support.

Miro Pricing

In January 2022, the Miro pricing is at $17.5 billion, making it one of the most valuable private companies in the world. With over 35 million users, more than a hundred app integrations, and 99% of the Fortune 100 paying customers, the company’s price is only limited by its team’s creativity.

Free users can create unlimited boards with Miro, and a team plan is available for teams of up to 50 users. Teams needing to manage projects across multiple devices will find the Team Plan beneficial. The Team Plan features unlimited users, automatic creation of cards, and Zapier integration. If you need unlimited collaboration with your team, the Enterprise plan is worth the investment.

Premium users have access to enterprise-grade features, including data governance, data security, and advanced attention management. Miro’s plans also allow teams to share their work with external viewers. The free version is a good starting point for small-sized companies, but the paid plans have more features.

Confluence Demo

The Confluence premium choice, which costs $105 a month, includes a range of extra features. These include the ability to filter reports by page or site, examine permissions, and bulk archive pages. You can also view team calendars, which show upcoming tasks or events.

Confluence is a company that offers a web-based project management system. It allows businesses to create a centralized knowledge base, manage projects, and maintain team collaboration. It allows remote teams to collaborate and share information, and its core functions include advanced search and best practice templates. It also enables multiple users to tap into the same pool of knowledge.

If you aren’t sure about whether Confluence is right for you, consider a free trial. This plan allows up to ten users, and it allows for unlimited spaces and pages. It also supports macros, which are useful for tracking changes and saving versions. It also includes a template library and an analytics tool.

Miro Demo

While Miro and Confluence both offer project management tools, they differ in their pricing plans. Miro offers more features for the same price, and both allow for unlimited boards, templates, and client workspaces. Miro also has more storage space and advanced search capabilities, while Confluence’s pricing plans are more limited. Miro offers a free trial as well.

The free version of Miro costs nothing and allows up to five users. The paid version of Confluence is intended for teams with more users. For groups with five or more people, Miro’s Team plan is $10 per user per month. A business plan costs $16 per user per month. Miro also offers free support, but both services can be pricey.


Miro has received positive feedback from multiple review sites and has a consistent score of 4.5 out of 5. Miro has an attractive look and feels across devices and a multi-device-friendly viewing area. However, it is not suitable for teams of less than five members and does not offer offline functionality. Additionally, its premium subscription may not provide all the features that are advertised.

Both Confluence and Monday Software offer different pricing plans. The free version allows for up to ten users, while the paid version allows for unlimited users. Both services have free trials, and you can try both before deciding on one.

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