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Learn everything you need about Airport Management


Airport Management is the group that manages all aspects of airport operations around the globe. They are responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of airports, maintaining security, providing customer service, and organizing innovative events with airlines and airport agencies.

International conferences and seminars are also available. You can exchange ideas and best practices with other international airports.

This team also includes people who manage Special Airport Systems (SAS), but work from locations outside of the terminal buildings. They are responsible for ensuring that the aircraft is fully functional. These tasks require precision planning and the ability not to panic in the face of unexpected events.

The following courses are available and the eligibility criteria:

You can choose from a variety of eligibility levels for these courses.

  • BBA courses require that students pass 10+2 exams from a recognized board with at least 60% aggregate (preferably from the commerce stream).
  • MBA programs require that students have a minimum of 50% in their subject area to qualify for postgraduate studies. Students must pass entrance exams such as Common Admission Test, Management Aptitude Test or MAT.
  • Although diploma programs vary from one institution to the next, students must pass 10+2 in all streams of arts, commerce, or science from any recognized board.

Costs and duration of the course

These courses usually last three years for undergraduate programs, and two years for postgraduate. The duration of diploma courses is approximately one year.

Although bachelor’s fees are not very expensive, there is a growing demand for Masters. Some private institutions charge high tuition fees due to this. These are not unimaginable amounts, and students can usually be job-ready within two to five years.

Cell locations at these colleges usually give out packages and salaries to students. This means it is important for everyone to seek the best institutes possible, which will help them academically and provide a better foundation for their future. Below are the course durations and costs.


It is very exciting to learn the syllabus for these courses. It’s a great way to get to know more about the aviation industry. These courses will give students a better understanding of the importance and functions of each department at the airport. They are educated on the different branches of the aviation industry as well as their responsibilities. To better understand their roles as airport managers, students will also learn about the legal and commercial aspects of different processes.

The first semester will cover communication skills, soft skills, management processes, airport operations, and aircraft maintenance. They help them to understand the larger industry and develop their management skills.

Prospects and salaries

Every day, thousands of people travel by air.

The airport management industry may include a portion responsible for making sure that the system runs smoothly and ensures that all passengers have a safe trip. Safety management, commercial operations, and overall staff management are just a few of the many areas of labor. Aviation students have many options and a wide range of employment opportunities.

Here are some common jobs that students often get after they complete the course.

Airport Customer Service: 

This department assists customers with any questions or concerns via phone, email, and social media. They can help with bookings, cancellations, name and/or date changes, exchanges, and even refunds. This type of employment will bring in less than 3 Lacs annually.

You will be greeting passengers at take-off and landing:

You may also play a crucial role in airline operations by managing groundwork and coordinating between the crew, customers, and aircraft. They ensure that each flight is enjoyable, safe, and secure. The expected package cost is approximately 3-4 lacs per year.

Cargo Handling Team: 

You are responsible for moving and loading air cargo and baggage. You’ll need to weigh and balance the plane while it is in flight. It is your responsibility to ensure that expensive or fragile items are safely and correctly delivered to the customer after landing at the airport. This job will bring you around 5-8 lacs per year.

Safety and Maintenance Manager: 

You’ll need human resources if you are a safety or maintenance manager. You have to recruit, select, train, and assign people to work. You may also need to create counseling schedules. You will need to plan, monitor, and maintain the salaries and bonuses of employees. This department has an expected salary of 7-10 lacs.

Airport Manager: 

This course will allow you to hold the ideal job of an airport manager. The airport manager is responsible for the smooth running of both domestic and international airports daily. This package can range from 7 to 30 lacs per year.

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