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Make Money Without Working at OnPassive Business

OnPassive is an AI-driven business platform and a multi-level marketing company. They aim to deliver value and innovation to help businesses maximize their potential. You can make money without working at OnPassive by shortening URLs. It’s a great way to earn a non-working income. For more details visit here.

OnPassive is a multi-level marketing company

OnPassive is a Multi-Level Marketing company founded in 2018. The company claims to have a powerful artificial intelligence-powered internet marketing platform. With this technology, it claims to be able to boost the profitability of a business. OnPassive is still in the pre-launch stage.

This company is new, having only been established in the year of 2018. It claims to be global, with a presence in 216 countries. It uses AI and machine learning to create smart business solutions. Its headquarters is located in Orlando, USA, and it also has two offices in India. The company develops its software tools in India. In the coming years, it plans to launch more than fifty digital products to provide internet solutions.

OnPassive is a URL shortener

OnPassive Business is a URL shortner and business network that helps people create and share short links. Its URL shortening technology redirects social media users to landing pages. OnPassive has two main features: OnPassive’s shortening platform and its GoFounders community. The former allows users to use their company’s name as the slug for the URL. The latter lets users add their own unique keywords to the URL.

URL shortening is an essential aspect of modern marketing, and OnPassive provides a number of tools to help with this. TrimURL is a popular URL shortener for marketers. It allows you to use your own domain name when shortened, and it also allows you to track links. This service is free and simple to use.

OnPassive is an AI-driven business platform

Using AI, ONPASSIVE creates an efficient and automated way of interacting with customers. It can respond to their inquiries, use past data to respond to similar inquiries and handle their questions in real time. The platform is designed to create an excellent online customer experience and improve loyalty and brand reputation.

Its products are useful to small and large enterprises, governments, high schools and universities. It even helps the military. Its advertising platform creates websites and provides information about the products and services that users are searching for. With these features, ONPASSIVE creates a global network of customers.

OnPassive offers a non-working income

OnPassive Business is a revolutionary business opportunity that creates an income without requiring you to work. It works by providing you with a platform to own an internet franchise business. This platform automatically generates customers for you. The income generated is split between you and the resellers, including the Founders.

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