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How Well Do The Therapies Work?

Early laser treatments will have lower laser power, which will result in nearly no discomfort; it will feel like being pinched. Usually, the discomfort is rather mild and goes away nearly immediately after the laser pulse.

The agony will escalate along with the laser intensity as the treatments go on; at its worst, the sensation feels like a rubber band being snapped. Laser has invested in that continually blasts ice-cold air over the treatment region, helping to numb the area before the pulse and cool the area afterwards.

We offer numbing lotion with lidocaine that may be purchased if the pain is a key issue for you. This cream helps to significantly lessen sensitivity.

How Well Do The Therapies Work?

Depending on your skin type, the Laser may utilise either Candela ND: Yag or Candela Gentlemax Pro lasers. These lasers are among the finest available today, and they work well on all hues and varieties of skin. They can eliminate unwanted hair permanently and are FDA-approved.

With these lasers, clients can expect a 10–30% permanent decrease in hair growth after each session. Sadly, despite how sophisticated these lasers are, they are ineffective for treating patients who have lighter facial hair. Clients with blonde, red, or grey facial hair may see some slower hair growth, although they are unlikely to have slower hair growth of more than 30% overall.

Are The Outcomes Long Lasting?

In order to avoid recurrence, Laser lasers permanently eradicate any undesirable facial hair by destroying the hair follicle and root.

What should You do in order to get ready for your treatments?

The best ways to get ready for your treatments are to stay out of the sun for 7 days before them, which you can do by wearing sunscreen and staying out of it as much as you can. You should also avoid engaging in any physical activity that raises body temperature for at least 2 hours prior to your appointments. If you are taking any prescription medications, make sure to check with your doctor to see if they can increase photosensitivity. Check out our pre- and post-care instructions for a comprehensive list of all the things you can do to be ready for your treatments.

If You decide to shave your facial hair, won’t doing so result in the hair being thicker and darker? Unfortunately, shaving your facial hair is necessary in order to prepare for your laser treatment. Waxing, tweezing, and epilation are not permitted since we need the hair follicle and root to remain intact for the laser to be able to kill it. Shaving is the only method for eliminating facial hair that satisfies all of these requirements. We also want to reduce the amount of hair that is above the skin’s surface since having hair above the skin significantly raises the risk of an unfavourable reaction.

Also know about electronics.

It’s a fallacy that shaving causes facial hair to come in thicker and darker. When you shave, the hair is cut off in the centre, so when the remaining hair pushes out, it is the thicker, darker half of the hair follicle that previously existed beneath the surface of your skin. This is how people come to believe that the hair is coming in thicker.

How Much Time Will The Appointment Last?

A facial hair removal treatment might last anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on the regions being treated.

What Occurs Following The Procedure?

Most patients will have modest redness and swelling following the procedure, much like a mild sunburn. Topical lotions like Laser’s restorative gel, aloe, calamine, or hydrocortisone may be administered to help lessen the irritation; this usually goes away immediately after treatment but may linger up to 72 hours.

After a few days, the facial hair may start to fall out or shed; if you shave often, you might not see the real hair actually falling off. The shedding process can be sped up and ingrown hairs can be avoided by exfoliating the region 12 hours or longer after your session.

What can you do to make sure the drugs function as well as possible? Adhering to the pre-and post-care instructions as well as any special instructions from your laser technician is the best way to make the most of your treatments.

Maintain an open line of communication with your laser technician about any changes in how your body is responding to the treatments and the appearance of new facial hair, as this information will enable them to decide how to adjust your settings and treatment intervals to ensure that all of your treatments are as successful as possible.

What possible negative effects may the therapies have?

Although side effects are uncommon with Laser Hair Removal Stafford procedures, if they are not adequately managed, they might result in permanent skin discolouration. You should contact or come in for advice on treatment if you have any adverse effects, such as hypo- or hyper-pigmentation, persistent redness or swelling, a histamine reaction, or blisters.

People most frequently suffer these negative effects when they neglect to mention before visits that they have had sun exposure. Your likelihood of experiencing a negative reaction to laser treatments is greatly reduced if you are entirely honest with your laser technician.

Are you prepared to begin your facial hair removal procedures? See our packages for ladies or our packages for men to get rid of facial hair.

Many of the most frequent inquiries individuals have while scheduling sessions for facial hair removal are answered on this page. Get in touch with us for further inquiries concerning Full Body Laser Hair Removal Treatment for the face or in general that were not covered on this list. We would be happy to assist you.

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