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How long does the course take?

How long does an online aqua gym instructor course last? A professional course of these characteristics lasts no less than 300 hours. And can reach 400 hours depending on the main modules.

Benefits of Aqua gym

Aquatic fitness has several advantages over exercising on land. It works all the muscles, which means that the whole body benefits. Precisely because of this versatility, it is suitable for everyone. In addition to the benefits for the elderly, it is also recommended for people with weight problems. Recovering from injuries, problems with mobility and joint stability in the knees, ankles or general back problems. It is also a very appropriate exercise for pregnant women.

In the aqua gym instructor course. You will see hypo gravity (absence of gravity) reduces the impact of the body on the ground and, therefore, the stress on the joints. This feature means that exercises in the water can last longer and be more frequent. It also allows people with reduced mobility to benefit from the weight relief that water provides. The psychological benefit of aqua gym in this sense is indisputable.

The aquatic environment is also suitable for people

Hydrostatic pressure, which at first may be uncomfortable due to the respiratory discomfort it causes. Ends up improving the respiratory muscles and the capacity for ventilation. It also facilitates the placement of the body in an upright position. Which is very useful for people who need external help to maintain this position. In addition, the slowing down of movements due to the pressure of the water. Also makes it possible to detect falls much earlier in these people. The aquatic environment is also suitable for people who want to prevent or treat phlebitis. Since the hydrostatic pressure helps improve blood circulation.

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The difficulty of moving in the water facilitates the development of resistance and muscle tone. Which can also be complemented by the inclusion of supplements. Such as a ball (which allows the body to adapt to the needs of each person, offering more or less resistance). And, in the same way, it improves physical qualities and abilities. Such as general, aerobic and muscular fitness. Logically, this characteristic of the water makes it suitable for people with osteoporosis, who will see their muscular resistance strengthened.

Aqua gym also allows muscular balance and better thermoregulation. The body temperature is much more stable, which provides greater comfort and makes the exercise session more pleasant. Water aerobics also brings relaxation and tranquility to those who practice it. Especially thanks to the sedative effect of hot water.

Skills of an Aqua gym Monitor

  • Before studying an aqua gym instructor course, you will want to know what the professional profile is for this job.
  • Online lifeguard training and education are one of the main qualities. The teacher must know and understand the principles of physical exercise, as well as the properties of water.
  • You must also know how to teach and create choreographies, use gestural and verbal language so that the instructions are clear and precise.
  • They must be full of energy and enthusiasm and, above all, know how to convey the effect of water movement outside the pool. Becoming a good teacher is a process of constant development. We must always be open to improve and learn to help our students achieve their goals in the world of aquatic fitness.
  • It is very important that the teacher has a minimum contact with the water, so that he can have a previous experience of the work that is going to be carried out. Remember that moves that are effective on land are not always effective in the water. It is best to experiment with it before taking it to the water.
  • The theoretical knowledge of the aqua gym instructor course is essential to develop and support a conscious practice; You have to acquire theoretical knowledge and know how to put it into practice. Both the teacher and the student must be aware of the work to be done; that is, they must do and know what they are doing. Both must constantly analyze the movements to really achieve the desired results.
  • It is crucial that the aqua gym teacher is attentive and respects the level of motor performance of each student. From this analysis, a progressive work on the level of motor difficulty will be carried out.
  • It must be remembered that there will be big differences in the results of the movements executed freely or with the use of equipment. With the simple placement of equipment, the entire structure of the movement is changed.
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