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5 Best Hair Care Routines to Follow after a Hair Transplant

The success of a hair transplant procedure depends on how you take care of your new grafts. The new grafts are delicate and need the utmost care after the surgery to develop properly. As a result, adhering to the post-operative care guide recommended by experts from hair transplant clinics in Mumbai is essential.

Experts will provide you with the best advice and recommendations to make your hair transplant successful. With professional post-operative care, you will have the chance to closely see the regeneration of your hair day after day, month after month.

So, this is the chance to enjoy your healthy hair growth regardless of whether you receive a male or female hair transplant, a beard transplant, a micro hair transplant on a small area, or a frizzy hair transplant. Follow the post-operative care routine and experience the difference.

Post-Operative Care for the Initial 1-4 Days

Following the aftercare instructions given by medical experts throughout the recovery period following a transplant is crucial. Some of their expert recommendations include:

1. Take proper rest after the surgery. A few days of rest is necessary to encourage healing.

2. Wash off the dried blood clots from the back of your head the following morning by taking a lukewarm shower. Also, every two hours, you will have to use saline water spray over the implanted area.

3. Ensure you avoid picking or rubbing the wound for 1-4 days.

4. Avoid strenuous activities, such as sports, bending, lifting, or exercise.

5. Stay indoors for a few days to prevent heat, cold, or sweat, which could impede healing.

6. Wear a loose-fitting cap if you have to go outside; otherwise, keep your head exposed.

7. To reduce swelling, sleep with your head elevated. It will help keep pressure off the affected area.

8. Avoid consuming ice cream, aspirin, and alcohol.

Post-Op Care for Days 5-9

It is recommended to avoid baths for 5-9 days, you must ensure that your scalp is healed enough. The swelling and soreness following the transplant should have subsided by this point.

While continuing to avoid using shampoo at this time, you should concentrate on carefully scraping off any scabs or dry skin. Although most of the healing has already been completed at this point, it is still advised to avoid engaging in any strenuous activity right after your hair transplant to ensure proper healing of all hair follicles.

Hair-Care Routine for Days 10-14

After 10-14 days of surgery, the scalp will probably look pink and scabby. This condition is normal until there is pain or discomfort. After the pink skin and scabs are healed, the follicles will become dormant again, and the newly grown hair will fall out.

This is an important stage of the hair transplant procedure, as it will ultimately result in the transplanted follicles producing thick, healthy new hairs all over again. You can resume your regular hair-washing routine at this point. It is fine to use your regular shampoo, provided it is not too abrasive or harsh.

Experts recommend you follow this regime regularly from day four through fourteen. You can usually resume exercising at this stage, but it is better to seek professional advice beforehand to ensure total safety and recuperation.

Hair-Care Regime During Initial 3-6 Months

Your hair will have natural growth once the wounds have healed. During this time, you must visit the hair transplant clinic in Mumbai to see how things are progressing at the three and six-month marks. This is essential because each person’s recovery is different.

It also allows you to ask experts questions about aftercare and the condition of your hair, ensuring that your recuperation goes smoothly and without any unforeseen problems.

Post-Op Hair Care after 10 Months

The initial natural hair growth will start about two to three months following your treatment, but it will still be spotty and uneven because each follicle grows hair at a different rate.

Between 8 and 10 months, a majority of your hair follicles should begin to grow hair again. Most hair transplant post-op patients will be experiencing a regular, full-growth hair cycle by this time.


A hair transplant is a difficult surgery, much like any other. The surgery usually lasts for around 4 hours. The success of the surgery depends on post-op care. Patients must have a well-defined hair-care regime post-hair transplant surgery to ensure healthy hair growth.

The article concentrates primarily on post-operative care and offers a daily checklist of dos and don’ts to guarantee the procedure’s success. A thorough explanation of the tasks you must complete from day one to 10 months is provided to assist you in getting the greatest outcomes. Adhere to the recommended hair care regimen to promote healthy hair development.

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