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5 surprising reasons why Lifeguard training and swimming is good for you

1 Swimming strengthens all muscle groups

Most professional swimmers have one thing in common: tons of muscle. Broad lower back, six pack abs and strong thighs make their bodies look very aesthetic. And that despite the fact that you only work with your own body weight when swimming – and with Lifeguard training near me.

In the pool, you must fight extreme resistance to advance. The arms and legs in particular are active non-stop, but the torso, i.e. the muscles in the middle of the body, also have to work actively. Swimming is the perfect sport to strengthen your muscles from head to toe.

Which muscle groups are primarily trained depends on the swimming style. Breaststroke is good for the chest, shoulder, arm and thigh muscles. The crawl primarily strengthens your arms, shoulders and core , and the backstroke strengthens your torso and back muscles. It is best to switch between the swimming styles regularly.

2 Swimming is easy on the joints

If you are struggling with joint problems and back pain, swimming is just the thing for you. Under water, the stress on the body is reduced by a full 90 percent. The natural buoyancy relieves the intervertebral discs, tendons and ligaments, so that you can not only do sports with almost no symptoms, but also alleviate your suffering. When you swim, you strengthen your stabilizing muscles.

Do you often have back pain? Remember to train your back muscles regularly, among other things. Also read : 8 back exercises to strengthen your back

3 Swimming is a calorie killer

Swimming is one of the most effective sports to lose weight. Why? The calorie consumption during training under water shoots up extremely. On the one hand, this is due to the temperature difference, which the body has to compensate for using energy. At the same time you have to constantly fight against resistance. This is also exhausting and energy-consuming for the organism.

Depending on your style, swimming will burn between 200 and 500 kcal per hour. This is comparable to intensive jogging, but much gentler on the joints!

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4 Swimming strengthens the cardiovascular system

Regular swimming training not only trains the gluteus and biceps, but also the heart muscle – with the positive effect that you become more efficient overall.

The reason for this: Under water there is a higher pressure, so that the blood vessels narrow. The heart has to pump harder to pump enough blood through the body with each beat. If you swim regularly, your heart volume will increase and your heart rate will decrease at the same time.

5 Swimming trains healthy breathing

Breathing is an underestimated tool that we have at our disposal to reduce stress, release tension and help the body to regenerate in everyday life. Swimming is the ideal sport to improve your breathing technique. You are forced to train an even, calm breathing rhythm. This can have a lasting positive effect on your physical and mental health.

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