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How can organizations benefit from Dynamics 365 integration with Office 365?

Organizations must be reliant on advanced tools to stay ahead in the competitive market space. Cloud-based solutions digitally transform business and lead the way to enhanced growth and productivity.

As we all know, Microsoft is a leader in introducing cloud-based technologies that transform the way enterprises do business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available as an enterprise solution and Office 365 as a productivity solution. When these applications are combined, it eases the way of doing business, and leads the path to transparency, productivity and growth.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an enterprise suite that consists of CRM and ERP applications. Your business gets a complete ERP and CRM solution in one system. Office 365, on the other hand, includes a bunch of productivity applications that are familiar to us in our daily lives – Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

Office 365 integration with Dynamics 365 apps will help your business keep ahead in the market. You can get expert guidance on this from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan or anywhere in the MENA region.

Let us have a look at how the integration of Office 365 apps with Dynamics 365 will help your business.

Excel and Dynamics 365

Excel is still a good data processing tool. When you have many records to update, doing them one by one is a time-consuming process. When integrating with Excel, you can update your records from Dynamics 365 itself. You do not need to switch from Dynamics 365 to process your data.

Additionally, when you analyze data, you can use Excel Online from Dynamics 365. Once you are done, all the updated information will be saved in Dynamics 365.

When it comes to reporting, Excel is an excellent tool. With the updated data in Dynamics 365, you can generate report for a real-time view of information.

Word and Dynamics 365

Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processing tool by enterprises across the world. Dynamics 365 users can create standard documents with the help of Office Word templates. Users will be able to generate the documents as their process requires using these word templates, with just a click. Office templates save your time by not having to generate new documents every time when you work with related records.           

Outlook and Dynamics 365

Outlook can easily be combined with Dynamics 365. Proper organization of emails in Outlook helps users to easily track emails. Dynamics 365 users can see information related to business sales from within Microsoft Outlook Calendar. You can create Dynamics records (leads, contacts and activities) from outlook mails.

SharePoint and Dynamics 365

SharePoint is fundamentally a storage and document management system designed to store, organize, share and access information from any device. When it is integrated with Dynamics 365, users can easily retrieve customer data stored in Dynamics 365, as well as attach documents containing customer data to customer records. This collaborative platform allows easy sharing of the data with users inside and outside of your        organization.

Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365

Microsoft Teams is an incredible communication and collaboration platform. Integration of Microsoft Teams with Dynamics 365 empowers users to seamlessly share files and documents across various processes, communicate in real-time, collaborate on a common work, make video and audio calls and more. As teams can work together on Dynamics 365 data and share files, you can enhance productivity in an efficient manner.

OneNote and Dynamics 365

Microsoft’s OneNote is like a digital notebook that allows users to take thoughts, plans and research in one place. Integration of OneNote with Dynamics 365 allows you to create, edit and review customer notes from within your records. You can easily gather, arrange, and store notes on any device connecting them to Dynamics 365.

Power BI and Dynamics 365

Microsoft Power BI is a strong analytics solution and when integrated with Dynamics 365, it offers insights into business operations and data. This enables your team to make data-driven decisions and enhance operational efficiency. Power BI uses Dynamics 365 data to create powerful dashboards and reports. Using the insights from dashboards and reports, you can better target your customers and forecast their demands.

If you desire to take advantage of this powerful combination of Dynamics 365 and Office 365, it is better to depend on experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners. If your business is in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Kenya, Germany, Canada, Pakistan, and India,you can collaborate with the trusted Microsoft Dynamics 365 partnersthere.

Microsoft 365 provides the right digital platform to improve productivity and growth.

In today’s environment, enterprises must boost its operations with productivity tools. As a productivity application suite, Microsoft 365  can help you create a difference to how your business works.

With Microsoft 365, you can work from anywhere, collaborate, get access to the latest version and security features, and more. Microsoft professionals will help you choose the right enterprise or business version of Microsoft 365 for your business and integrate with Dynamics 365.

Get expert guidance from the Microsoft Partner in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Kenya, Germany, Canada, Pakistan, and India.

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