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How to grace a vintage dirndl dress in a modern way?

The beauty of a dirndl dress is to wear it without sabotaging its traditional aspect. Even though this Bavarian dress is much upgraded than a 19th-century version, you can now wear dirndl dresses in your favorite color ranges and fabrics. The customization possibilities have also grown immensely in the past few years. 

In the following article, we will discuss how you can revamp your classic dirndl look. 

Are you eager to find cost-effective ways to style your German dirndl dress? If so, let’s jump in!

Productive ways to make a dirndl dress more fashionable

A dirndl dress can give you both royal and spontaneous vibes. You choose to wear a German dirndl dress at the formal and informal event. You can easily pull off a wedding look by wearing a long maxi dirndl. And with a modern dirndl dress, you can don a spontaneous look at Oktoberfest.

The following ways would hardly cost you money, time, and effort.

Lace blouses

To express yourself more, you can choose to wear a lace dirndl blouse. It not only makes you look more elegant but also enhances your beauty. These lace blouses look breathtakingly beautiful with bridesmaids and wedding dirndl dresses. 

Lace dirndl blouses are available in both white and black color. Also, you can have it either round, angular, square, or heart-shaped neck style. These lace blouses look even more appealing when paired with striking colored dirndls.

Striking colors

You can easily catch the attention of your color choice. Moreover, with the right selection of colors, a dirndl dress looks even more tempting. However, before choosing a color, think about the day you’ll be wearing it. For a daytime event like Oktoberfest, select soft and pastel colors. If not, don’t hesitate to choose rich and bold colors to make a grand entry to night parties.

You can also choose to wear a contrasting color apron. It gives your German dirndl dress a color pop and a modish look. Aprons are the most integral part of dirndl dresses. Previously only standard colors like blue, black, and soft-colored aprons were common. 

Modern aprons

 You can choose from a wide range of aprons in modern dirndls. 

The satin fabric apron in neon or solid color will be the center of attraction. You can also wear a polka dot or checkered apron to add more to your outfit. If you have a hard time choosing the type of apron you want to wear, choose both. Yes! A dirndl does allow you to have two different sides of one apron. Just flip it and give your German dirndl dress a fresh look.


A woman can never acquire a finished look with accessories. If you wish to look like a native at traditional weddings or Oktoberfest, then opt to wear classic jewelry. You can wear Bavarian earrings and a heart choker with your contemporary dirndl. It will uplift your outfit and make you feel like a true Bavarian. It is one of the best ways to respect Bavarian culture if you’re a foreigner.

Also, if you wish to stick with contemporary jewelry, you can wear studs and armbands with your dirndls. However, make sure your jewelry is not hidden underneath your hair. Get a good hairstyle to avoid such bloopers.

Hair ornaments and styling

There are various types of hairstyles that you can make with a traditional dirndl dress. The most popular ones are listed below.

  • Soft bun

The most customary hairstyle you can make is to tie your hair in a bun. It is the most time-consuming hairstyle for every woman. However, you can enhance it with ornaments like fancy hair pins or pearls. These ornaments look beautiful, especially at events like Bavarian weddings and Oktoberfest.

  • Loose curls

Loose curls are a go-to hairstyle for every girl. You can easily make this hairstyle at home with a styling tool. Such hairstyle makes your spontaneous dirndl dresses more fun.

  • Braided crown

Showcase your precious studs more playfully. A braided crown will give you a clean face. Taking a break from a classic braid is also a good idea.

  • Plain braid

As easy as it gets. A plain braid with a dirndl might be out of sight but never out of fashion. You can easily tie a classic braid and have it at Oktoberfest. Braids can also be tied even if you have short hair.

Now that you have your accessories sorted let’s look at online dirndl for sale.

Affordable dirndl for sale online

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