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How to Clean Vinyl Flooring without Damaging It

If you have vinyl floors at your home, you most probably have heard of its cleaning process. Vinyl floors are just like timber floors which need time to time maintenance. Otherwise, it may lose its shine. Once you install vinyl floors at your place, it lasts longer if you keep them cleaned and maintained from time to time.

Whatever you do, it gets wear and tear as time passes by. So, you need to repair and clean it. Cleaning the vinyl floor is not as daunting as you think. Cleaning it, however, requires caution because it is easily damaged. Once it gets damaged, it no longer looks beautiful on the floor.

Following expert advice, we have shared some tips for cleaning floors without damaging them. It will help to make your floor ready for vinyl floor polish.

 Tools you need for vinyl floor cleaning

Professionals use advanced machinery while you need home tools for vinyl floor cleaning. We have mentioned some easy-to-use tools which are probably available in almost every home. So you can easily get the tools for vinyl floor cleaning

  • Broom

The broom is used for daily routine life cleaning. Soft brooms are recommended for cleaning vinyl floors. Whether you want timber floor sanding in Perth, it is still necessary to clean the temporary dust with a broom.

  • Dust mop 

 Mop is very useful to clean dust from the floor. Other tools cannot be used as easily as this one. Instead of sweeping it back and forth, gently glide it across the floor. Spin or spray mops can also be used for dust cleaning.

  • Vacuum

Many people hesitate to vacuum a wooden floor. However, they need to understand that vacuuming is a safer option than using harsh tools on a wooden floor. Sanding machines are used by professionals for timber floor sanding Perth. These devices resemble vacuums exactly. So you can use a vacuum to clean your floors every day.

The material you need for safe vinyl floor cleaning 

Using safe material for vinyl floor polish helps to extend the life of the floor. For vinyl floor sanding and polishing, professionals use high-quality materials that clean and make the floor shine. However, you cannot reach up to the level of professionals. There are some homemade cleaning materials that do not damage the floor while cleaning and polishing it.

1.Timber floor polish with water and vinegar

Vinegar is the best cleaner. It helps to clean the vinyl floor and regain its shine. So, if you do not want to hire professionals for vinyl floor polish, you must do this procedure at home.It is a quick, dependable, and simple procedure that requires no complicated equipment. Moreover, it cleans the floor without ruining it. The process is so easy, follow the steps and apply them for your timber floor cleaning purpose.

Steps to use this procedure

  • Take a bucket and pour 1ltr hot water
  • Add apple cider vinegar in required quantity. 
  • Mix them well.
  • Apply it to the floor with the mop gently. 
  • You can use a spin or spray mop for cleaning.

Grit on floors is removed by apple cider vinegar. This process can be used for timber floor polishing in Perth. Vinegar increases the surface’s gloss. As a result, you don’t need to polish it again after using the vinegar.

2. Clean vinyl floor with a cleaner or liquid soap

You may still clean your woodwork even if it has scratches and lingering stains. Use laundry soap to get rid of the scratches. Professional vinyl floor sanding and polishing can only clean a severely damaged floor.

To make vinyl flooring appear clean, polish is required. But you can do it yourself if you don’t want to hire professionals. Use this simple process. It does not only make the floor clean  but also polish vinyl floors like a pro.

Steps to use this procedure

  • Take a bucket and put one gallon of water in it
  • Add two or three drops of any dishwater or liquid soap to it
  • Mix it properly 
  • Dip the mop into the bucket and apply it to the floor gently
  • Leave the floor as it is for half an hour.
  • Use the clean mop to wipe the floor.
  • Dip it into the simple water.
  • Apply it to the floor and wipe the whole mixture out the floor. 
  • Let the floor dry.

See the results.


Vinyl floor cleaning is not a difficult method. Although, you need to figure out whether you need professional help or it can easily be cleaned by yourself. If it is not seriously worn out, then you probably can clean it by yourself. Here we have mentioned some homemade tips that you can use for vinyl floor cleaning without damaging it.

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Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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