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CBSE Model Question Paper 2023

If you are preparing for the CBSE 10th examination, then you should check the CBSE 10th Model Question Paper 2023. This will help you in getting better marks as you know the type of questions that will appear in the examination. You should also know the syllabus and marking scheme.

Sample question paper for class 10

CBSE class 10 sample question papers help students get a feel for the type of questions they can expect on the board exam. CBSE has a standardized way of preparing its sample papers that follow the latest NCERT syllabus. Using sample papers is essential for a student’s preparation because they give them a holistic strategy that will help them score top marks.

A student can solve a sample question paper for each subject on the CBSE website. However, solving a single paper is not enough. They should also try to solve the previous year’s sample papers. This will help them manage complex issues on the test.


The Blueprint of the model question paper 2023 for class 10th prepared by CBSE includes subject-wise marking schemes and the syllabus of CBSE. This information is important for the students to prepare effectively for the final board examination. The blueprints also include the marking scheme for the SA1 and SA2 exams. The student can download these blueprints and solve them to make their preparation stronger.

The blueprints are like a roadmap for making the board exams. They tell how many questions will be asked on a particular topic and the marks each will carry. The blueprints are used by almost 90% of teachers to design the board exam question paper. Knowing the blueprint of class 10 CBSE maths question paper will help students focus their revision efforts accordingly.

Marking scheme

CBSE has decided to give the 10th-class students a 9-point grading system for the upcoming exams. The exams will consist of periodic written tests and will be limited to three per subject in one academic year. The marking scheme will indicate the weightage given to each subject and chapter. It will also provide students with an idea of the type of questions they will be asked on examination day.

CBSE has made the model question paper for the class ten exams available on their official website. The model question paper will cover all topics from the syllabus. It is advised that students go through the model paper carefully to see how they will be evaluated in the exams. Students can also refer to the previous year’s question paper for the subject they are studying.


CBSE model question paper 2023 will help you know how to approach the questions in your CBSE class 10 examination. It is essential for the students to understand the topics covered in the syllabus. You must devote sufficient time to reading and revising the study material. CBSE model question paper will help students know how to answer the toughest questions in the board exam. In addition, you can use the CBSE sample paper to find out the topics you need to focus on.

You can also download previous years’ question papers to get a clear picture of the examination pattern. These previous years’ question papers will give you an idea of the syllabus and exam pattern, thereby allowing you to prepare well.

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