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Types of Backgrounds for Your Characters in Commander Legends

There are several different types of backgrounds for your characters. There are Noble backgrounds, Civil War backgrounds, and criminal backgrounds. These types of backgrounds are also useful for running with powerful commanders. Backgrounds are intended to shore up colour availability in Commander Legends drafts. Here are a few examples of Characters from various backgrounds:

Characters with a Noble background

Characters with a Noble background often have a particular roleplaying style. They will likely want to know who is in charge and will often be eager to talk with others. Most D&D groups would dismiss these characters as unimportant, but they can actually be a valuable tool for your PC group. By gaining access to local nobility, you can move the plot along and seed your characters with information.

While these characters may think everything is going well, they may also be hiding secrets from their families. The noble may have knowledge of their family’s abuse of workers or may have been sold into slavery. They may even be hiding things from the people around them to protect themselves. The possibilities are endless when creating characters with a Noble background.

Characters with a Noble background can gain the banner of a Knight, a horse, and more. Although the knight is among the lowest noble titles in most societies, it can be a great way to achieve greater social status. Knights can also choose the Retainers feature instead of the Position of Privilege, replacing one commoner retainer with a noble squire, who will assist the character in return for training. Knights can also choose to have a servant for their armor, and a groom for their horse.

Characters with a noble background often have great political influence. This is because the noble title allows them to claim land, collect taxes, and hold significant political influence.

Characters with a Criminal background

A Character with a Criminal background can be anything but ordinary. They have a long history of breaking the law and may have contacts within the criminal underworld. They have often flouted the rules of society and are more inclined to pursue crimes than to help others. Some criminals specialize in certain types of crime, including espionage and burglary.

Criminals can be part of a thief’s guild or work alone. The kind of work a criminal is most comfortable doing will shape the type of criminal he is and his contacts. For example, a pickpocket might specialize in petty theft, while a gangster might specialize in highway robbery.

A Character with a Criminal background is a popular choice for rogue characters, but it can work well with other classes as well. They can also have a variety of contacts and be open to other lifestyles. And they don’t necessarily have to enjoy the criminal lifestyle – they can leave town and embark on an adventure.

Another option for a character with a Criminal background is to be an aspiring paladin. Characters with a Criminal background can be tough warriors who have spent time in prison. Some of them are convicted of several crimes.

Characters with a Civil War background

One way to include historical figures in your story is to have them have a Civil War background. The Civil War was one of the most bloody battles that were fought on American soil. In total, over 620,000 men and women lost their lives. Historians believe that as many as 40 percent of these deaths may have gone unrecorded. Characters with a Civil War background can be both heroic and tragic.

A Civil War background can also be seen in the Marvel comics world. For example, the 2006 relaunch of the Eternals has a Civil War background. The Eternals’ Sprite has appeared in pro-registration PSAs, while Iron Man reminds Sersi to register. Iron Man tries to persuade the Eternals to register as well, but Zuras explains to him that they don’t want to meddle with human affairs. Also, Daredevil #87 leads into a Civil War one-shot, while New X-Men #28 leads into She-Hulk #9.

The Civil War is an important period in American history. It was started by the uncompromising differences between slave and free states. The free states wanted to keep slavery out of their territories, while the slave states wanted to keep it within their borders. This ultimately led to secession, and seven slave states split off to form the Confederate States of America. The Lincoln administration refused to recognize the Confederate States’ secession, because they feared secession would undermine democracy and fragment the United States into many small nations.

The Civil War is a fascinating historical period for a fictional character’s background. The Confederate States fought fiercely for their independence, and the southern Union fought for the rights of the people they ruled. While the Union won the war, the Confederates maintained their independence by mounting stubborn resistance.


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