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Best Online Games For PC In 2023 (Free And Paid)

The gaming world has vastly changed over the last decade. When the sudden changes, people can play thousands of games on several platforms like pc, hand-held, consoles, etc. With several games released in a short period, many may need clarification about playing the good ones, especially online games. If you’re looking for enjoyable online games, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together 20 of the best online PC games, so with Ado, let’s get into the list.

These are the best online games for PC in 2023

  1. Valorant

Released in June 2020, the 5v5 first-person shooter got instant success and became a renowned game in the community. Valorant game mechanics are similar to most 5v5 shooter games like CSGO, Rainbow six siege, etc.

What makes Valorant unique is the rooster agents, which you can play as. Each agent has its own unique ability, strength, and weakness. Some agents are great at defending the site, while others are perfect for the offense. Valonrant is thriving in the esports scene, so you should play the game if you want to be competitive.

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2. Fortnite

Fortnite, the game that took over the industry in 2018 by storm, is still enjoyable today. In this battle royale game, you are able to build and fight; think of it as the combination of Minecraft and Pubg.

The games offer a vast open world with characters, customizable guns, events, game modes, etc. the game also contains crossover skins of characters from Marvel, Naruto, Dragonball, and even Mrbeast recently. So if you’re a fan of those franchises, the game will be even more fun to play.

3. CS:GO

Counter Stike Global Offensive (CS: GO)  is one of the most relevant games in terms of popularity due to its timely updates and nostalgic trip. The CS games can be tracked way back in time with the legendary CS 1.6. 

The 5v5 Shooter game is the best of its category, with hundreds of maps, guns, and incredible game mechanics. CS: GO also offers a large catalog of weapon skins which you can trade in the skins market and even profit from. A large Esports scene has also backed up the game.

4. COD Warzone

The COD Warzone is our fourth choice on the list of best online games for PC. Anyone who loves battle royale games should play Call of Duty Warzone; the battle royale games series is quite popular among the gaming community. The game mechanics are similar to most battle royale games; you drop, loot, kill and remain the last man standing to win. The realistic graphics make the game even more enjoyable, and it’s completely free to download, so you should definitely check out the game.


PUBG (Players Unknown battleground) might be the most popular battle royale game. The game got its fame from the mobile version, and quickly Pubg PC also rose in the scene. The game got its fame from the easy-to-play system and gameplay elements. 

You’re airdropped into an island with your enemies, so you’re supposed to loot and fight till the end for your survival. The game offers a wide range of maps to play, so hop in with your friend to explore the world of Pubg.

6. Dota 2

Dota 2 is a highly strategic multiplayer online battle arena game that is quite famous among gamers. Dota 2 consists of a team of five players battling against another team of five in this straightforward MOBA. The main goal is to eliminate the opposing team’s Ancient.

The Games offers several heroes, each with different abilities. Newbies may feel quite overwhelmed with the game systems and strategies but worry not cause the game also offers in-game tutorials, and there are a lot of Dota content creators online to learn from.

7. Minecraft

Minecraft is our next choice on the list of best online games for PC. Minecraft is a renowned game for its unique blocky graphics and gameplay. The game is about survival through mining and crafting things, hence Minecraft. The game offers a vast endless world where you can explore different biomes, ancient structures, mobs, etc. 

You’re supposed to build a base through mining, exploring, and crafting to be safe from those pesky mobs like skeletons and Zombies. You can join servers and create a world with friends or even brawl with them. You can literally build anything in this game, so your creativity is only the limit.

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