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Detect Contamination With The Help of a Bacon Bomb Sampler

A great way to detect contamination in a storage tank is with the help of a Bacon Bomb Sampler. The sampler is an explosive and cost-effective way to test for organic gas, hydrogen sulfide, and other forms of contamination. The sampler itself is easy to use. We at Gogen Lab offer different lab equipment.

The device is a PVC pipe filled with sodium nitrate, dextrose, and a small amount of water. It is enclosed in a protective coating of biodegradable paper and plastic. The addition of a biodegradable wick to help draw any potential contamination out of the tank. To ignite it, all you need is water.

Benefits of Using Bacon Bomb Sampler

1. Safe to use: Bacon Bomb sampler can be used under our strict specifications. The technicians have tested it to make sure even if it explodes in a tank of hazardous chemicals. There is no toxic gas leak. You can be assured this will not happen.

2. It needs less water than an oxy-acetylene torch: A typical oxy-acetylene torch will consume at least two gallons of absolute alcohol. You need only five gallons of water for the sampler, provided you are using distilled water.

3. It is reusable: This is a cost-effective solution if you want to test the water or air in a tank multiple times. You don’t have to pay for an acetylene tank each time you want to conduct an air or water quality test.

4. Easy to use: Setting up the Bacon Bomb sampler is short and will not require any training or certification. All that needs to be done is to follow our instructions and use common sense.

5. You only need one sampler for your entire operation: The cost-effective solution saves you on the cost of investment while also ensuring that you can use the same device to test your tank multiple times.

Features of Bacon Bomb Sampler

1. It is safe to use, even under toxic and hazardous gasses:

The Bacon Bomb sampler is made with a biodegradable paper material, and to make it safe, we also coated it with plastic. As the chemical reaction consumes the paper but not the plastic, there will be no leak if you’re ever forced to test under dangerous gasses. That is good since it doesn’t have to be disposed of as you would with conventional bomb-making.

2. Reusable:

The sampler can be used time and time again by simply adding water and replacing the wick. All this takes about a minute or so. You can also use other chemicals for your tests, but remember to add the water afterwards. The process is the same, so the only thing that changes are the chemicals you will be testing with.

3. Safety feature:

The Bacon Bomb sampler is made with safety-engineered components to ensure you can use it safely. The biodegradable paper and plastic used to form the coating make it safe. While the wick and water used to ignite them are also safe because our technicians have tested them.

Role of Heating Mantle

1. It is easy to set up:

The Heating Mantle has a small burner, making it easier to use. You have to put the sampler in and light it up. It will consume less fuel while also allowing you to use a plastic container with water instead of an acetylene tank.

2. It is safe:

We’ve tested this product by starting the combustion process with diesel and our chemicals, and we know there’s no leakage.

3. It is reusable:

You can use this product to test the water in a tank multiple times if the water is warm. If you’re using a gas-fired burner to make it run, it will last longer. The heater’s burner also has a safety feature that automatically turns off if the tank gets too hot. That can prevent leaking due to overheating of the membrane inside the device.


The Heating Mantle offered by Gogen Lab is one of the most efficient pieces of equipment we offer. Our professionals have experimentally set up a few mantles, and the results are promising. They are happy to share our expertise and experience with you, so please get in touch with us at tel:+1-800-777-7120.

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