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Find The Best Mid-Sized Hospital For Sale In Gurgaon

Many hospitals have established themselves as the best mid-sized healthcare facility in Gurgaon. Besides that, they provide the best quality services in a variety of sectors and are continuously growing. When it comes to the hospital for sale in Gurgaon, it is in huge demand.

These hospitals run with a highly disciplined financial structure and modern infrastructure. It has had surplus cash assets, zero debt for several years, and its strategic locality. All licensing is completed to date, and many are running hospital land.

The running hospital for sale in Gurgaon has a well-equipped physiotherapy department, an in-house pharmacy, and modern medical equipment. It also has an ambulance and all other extensive patient facilities. In addition, its strategic location and large catchment area make it an ideal option for prospective buyers.

The hospital has more than 100 bed capacity with intensive and general units. It is a pioneer in the Delhi NCR region and has a long history of serving the region. It has uninterrupted water and power supply within the slashed rates.

Find The Best Hospital Land For Sale In Gurgaon

The hospital is equipped with the latest technology like Siemens 500mA X-Ray, Philips Color Doppler, Radio diagnosis and a full body CT scanner. A well-equipped pathology lab is also present inside the land parcel. Moreover, these hospitals have an excellent network of medical practitioners and support staff in the region.

For the past 15 years, the hospital has maintained a good relationship with its clients and covers an extended catchment area. There are also NICU and general surgery facilities present with state-of-art facilities. Additionally, the hospital has 40 years of proven experience in the healthcare industry.

Besides, the hospital land for sale in Gurgaon has current cash assets that are more than your expectation. This enables potential buyers to tap into its existing patient base and secure the revenues as desired. Besides, the managing director can remain as a consultant after the procurement.

The hospital is situated in a strategic location and has direct connectivity with the Dwarka Expressway. In addition, the best hospital for sale in Gurgaon is just 5 minutes away from the national highway and all other prime connecting links.

Road To Choose The Hospital Land For Sale In Gurgaon

The city has seen a surge in real estate properties for sale in recent years. This is attributed to the high-tech nature of the city and its proximity to the international airport and the national capital. Other reasons for the boom include favorable tax regulations, job opportunities and industrialization.

In addition, buying commercial property in Gurgaon is always on the buyer’s radar because of its lavish lifestyle and sustainable practices. The city’s lack of national or international hospital brands provides ample opportunities for rapid growth in the healthcare sector in this region.

There is a huge catchment of patients from the surrounding areas, which makes it an ideal location for buying hospital land for sale in Gurgaon. Several plots and hospital lands are available for immediate construction at reasonable prices.

These are spread over approximately 1170 sq. ft. of land that is ample for hospital construction. The plots are well-planned and Vaastu-compliant for mid-size and multispecialty hospitals. The school for sale in Gurgaon also comes with solar power, a playground, a laboratory and power backup.

You can even construct your school as your choice and offer best-in-class offerings. This is the only integrated non-government large healthcare facility in Delhi. It will have an array of facilities, including a pathology lab, cafeteria, staff residence, and other specialized facilities.

The Road To Choose The Best Commercial Property In Gurgaon

Besides, the energy-efficient, green and eco-friendly facility at available school land for sale in Gurgaon will provide significant operational synergies. Similarly, the hospital will be in full-fledged operation and profitable from day one.

These hospital’s cash assets are fully secured against the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Defense. Furthermore, it has zero debt and has a stable growth pattern from the year. Moreover, the hospital will be ready to acquire equity from potential investors.

Gurgaon is a city of immense commercial and residential opportunities. It’s a well-developed town with numerous residential areas. In fact, the city is home to a number of national and multinational companies.

This has made it a highly preferred investment destination in India, whether in terms of commercial or residential. In recent years, the properties in NCR have seen a good appreciation and have become one of the prime reasons to draw buyer’s attention.

With the booming IT sector, Gurgaon has gained momentum as a commercial real estate hub. The city is also a significant part of the hospitality industry. So, it offers a variety of options for investors looking for a new commercial property.

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