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Amazing Tips To Look Slimmer & Gorgeous In Salwar Kameez Suits

Salwar kameez suits are one of the oldest and most loved Indian women’s attire. This beautiful attire is one of the most diverse apparels in the Indian culture that has the potential to be moulded into any style. The main reason behind the popularity of the salwar kameez cotton suit with dupatta is because of its versatility and comfort. So when we say it is a favourite ethnic wear for all women, this implies women of all body shapes and structures. While we all respect every body shape and structure, it is no harm in wishing to look our best, and everybody deserves that. The best part? You can enjoy looking your very best by choosing the right piece of clothing. So, here’s a list of some tips that you can keep in mind to look slim and gorgeous in salwar kameez suits.

Tips To Look Slim & Gorgeous In Salwar Kameez Suits:

Choose Dark Hues

One of the first things you must keep in mind while shopping for ethnic suit sets is to go for dark hues. That’s because dark hues or colours create an illusion and conceal your body’s heavy and bulky parts. You might not know, but colours play an important role in your appearance. Therefore try to avoid lighter colours as they focus more on the flabby parts of your body. Instead, choose darker hues like black, dark green, steel grey and more. 

Find The Right Sleeves Length

When it comes to looking slim in salwar kameez suits, then sleeve length plays an important role. Never go for short sleeves or sleeveless salwar kameez for yourself if you have heavier arms. Instead, choose full sleeves or quarter sleeves, as it covers your heavy arm fat and makes them look more toned. If you are looking for more comfort and style simultaneously, then go for loose-fit kameez. You can choose kurtas with darker prints or textures on sleeves to enjoy slimmer looks.

Length Of The Kameez Matters

The days when the salwar bottom was paired with short Kurtis are gone, and the latest trend of long Kurtis has taken over the fashion industry. The best part about shopping for long kurta suit sets online is that they make you look tall and slim at the same time. So, in order to look super slim and elegant, choose a length that goes above your ankle. However, if you have a very short height, then you must not go for extremely long Kurtis. So, choose the length of the kameez wisely to give yourself an outstanding look. After all, the fashion industry today is paying attention to crafty-looking kameez and Kurtis.

Pay Attention To Prints

Did you know that prints are equally responsible for making a difference in how you look? Yes, prints have the ability to make you look short and petite. However, it also has the ability to make you look taller than how you actually are. Especially when you are buying kalidar suit set, you must look at the prints. Generally, vertical prints in darker shades help you look taller. On the other hand, polka dots or any other spherical graphics make you look short.

Pick The Right Fabric

In order to look sizzling, young, and slim in salwar kameez, choosing the right fabric is very important. That’s because different fabrics cover your body in different ways and have the ability to make you look slim and sometimes fat too. Fabrics like lycra which is quite body-hugging, and spandex can make you look a bit awkward as it will reveal your body curves. On the other hand, chiffon, cotton and georgette are great fabric choices that can hide all your body problems. Remember, not choosing the right fabric can always be a major problem.

The Right Pair Of Salwar

You might not believe it, but the salwar of your cotton suit with dupatta also plays a big role in how you look. We know it is quite confusing to choose which salwar can make you look slim and chic. That’s where you need some knowledge to make the right choice. For example, if you have a thin mid-section, then a churidar salwar can be your right pick, as it can make you look tall. On the other hand, Patiala would be a great option if you have a full-fledged body and your midsection is not that thin. Moreover, individuals with pear-shaped bodies should never go for leggings or any bottom that highlights their lower body.

Avoid Frills & Too Much Embroidery

Frills and embroidery are added to the salwar kameez to add volume to your body. If you wish to get a slimming effect, then you might want to avoid frills and too much embroidery. But remember, you should consider frills and embroidery in places of your salwar suit where you want to attract attention. For example, ruffles on the sleeves, embellishments on the neckline and sequins over the dupatta or kurta can help you stand out from the crowd.

Carry Heels

Another great way to make you look stunning in a salwar suit is by pairing it with heels. Instead of traditional flats, go for kolhapuris with heels or simply regular heels that will add height and make you look slimmer. It is often an ignored concept, but footwear plays a major role in making or breaking your look. Therefore, choose wisely and, if possible, always carry heels.


Salwar kameez suits are the most popular traditional dress in India today, and women of all ages wear them. That’s why these tips will come in handy and help you look slimmer and gorgeous simultaneously. After all, all women want to look their best, and they deserve it too. So, keep these points in mind while choosing your favourite salwar kameez and enhance your beauty.

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