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8 the Best Instagram Influencers in UK in 2022

Brands in Singapore have benefited from the influence of Instagram users. Instagram is the third most used social media platform in the country. Experts and influencers are also the most followed social media account types. This shows that Singaporeans value the opinions of trusted and well-known people. Instagram is an excellent platform for business owners to launch campaigns.This platform allows you to launch a campaign and reach as many as 3 million people in Singapore. Imagine the potential for increased exposure and conversions a campaign can bring to a brand. click here

Instagram Advertising Audience Overview, Singapore 2022Instagram Advertising Audience Overview, Singapore 2022It is important to note that brands are mainly discovered in Singapore through word-of-mouth and social media ads. Customer reviews and interaction on social media posts are the primary drivers of purchase. Singaporeans are more likely to trust the experiences of everyday people than billboards and TV commercials. Marketers have thus had great opportunities to leverage the influencers.

Trust on social media influencers

UK trust social media influencers more than celebrities because they are honest and give genuine reviews. These influencers provide cost-effective, efficient, and affordable solutions for companies looking to expand in Singapore. Not only does the country host Instagram influencers, but it also hosts TikTok and YouTube.

It isn’t easy to decide with which influencer you should collaborate. It will not be easy to find the correct answer. Before choosing the right influencer, brands must consider their goals, budget, target markets, and values. There are many niches from which Singaporean influencers come, including beauty, tech and gaming, music, and sports. You must do extensive research before deciding who you want to collaborate with.

We are here to help you. To help you get a better understanding of Singapore’s influencer landscape, we have compiled a list of the top 20 Instagram Influencers in Singapore. These influencers come in many forms and have diverse audiences. This list should help you gain insight into increasing your influencer marketing campaign. Let’s take another look.

8 Top Instagram Influencers In SingaporeThe following topics are available: Beauty, Family, and Lifestyle.

Qiu Ting began her career as a model and later became a beauty queen. With more than 279K Instagram followers, Qiu Ting continues to gain popularity. She posts about her children, family, food, and travels. She has previously worked with international brands such as Cadbury and Samco.


Topics: Beauty, Fashion

Andrea Chong is one of the most fashionable people in Singapore. She is always on the cutting edge of Singapore’s latest beauty and fashion trends. A Singaporean digital advertising agency awarded her the Fashion Icon of the year in 2015.

She is not only a fashion blogger and influencer but also founded DC creative. Andrea Chong often posts about her latest looks and her favorite beauty products. Many brands have sought her assistance in influencer marketing campaigns.


Topics: Movies, Fashion, Entertainment

Elvin is an actor from Singapore and a former model. I was awarded the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artists Award from 2006 to 2016. He regularly updates his Instagram with daily activities, including shooting, modeling, traveling, and spending time with his family. He has collaborated previously with brands such as Vivo and Systema.



Topics: Fashion, Lifestyle, Music

Tosh Zhang, a Singaporean actor/musician, is well-known for his catchy YouTube songs. The feed of this talented influencer is full of his best-lit looks, colorful shoes, behind-the-scenes shots, and everyday life photos. Brands such as Mcdonald’s, PUMA, and others are looking for this fashion king.


Topics: Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel.

Jessica, a well-known actress, and influencer from Singapore loves sharing her amazing photoshoots via her Instagram. She has been awarded the Star Awards 2021 for her acting talents. Jessica is sought-after by major brands such as Pocari Sweat and Dior and has requested her assistance in increasing their exposure in Singapore.


Topics: Lifestyle, Luxury, Beauty

This Singaporean socialite is the child of billionaire Peter Lim. Over 342K people have followed her daily Instagram updates. I was frequently posts about family travels and celebrity dinners. She is down-to-earth, and don’t let her beautiful looks fool you. She spends a lot of time volunteering for charity.


Topics: Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion

Her lifestyle blog was what first made Soh famous. This blog has become one of the most popular fashion blogs in Singapore. Many of her genuine product reviews have attracted many followers up to today. She is a celebrity with a large fan base and good looks. She was also featured as a cameo in the drama “Lion Mum.”


Topics: Film, Music, and Fitness

Taufik is an actor, singer, influencer, and actor who has performed worldwide, including in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Taufik also owns CHIX Hot Chick, which sells Nashville Hot Chicken Jln Pisang (Singapore). He shares a lot about his current life as a real estate agent on his Instagram feed. He posts cover songs and brand collaborations. In the past, he has collaborated with Reebok International.

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