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How You Increase Attendance for Sporting Events with Ticket Marketing

Increase Attendance for Sporting Events with Ticket Marketing

Ticket marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase attendance for sporting events. Today, declining attendance is a more pressing issue than engaging new fans. In order to high ticket sales, ticket marketing programs must engage fans at seven stages and incorporate staff and stakeholder intelligence. According to Dr. Bernie Mullin, president of Aspire Group, former SVP Marketing for the NBA, and principal author of Sport Marketing, there are seven stages of engagement. By focusing on each stage, ticket marketing can drive significant revenue growth and increase attendance for sporting events.

To be able to succeed in ticket marketing, you must start by creating an effective business plan. Make sure to create a plan that includes a customer acquisition strategy, competitor analysis, and marketing techniques. It is also crucial to make sure that your website is responsive and customer-friendly. When potential buyers log in looking for tickets, they may end up visiting your competitor’s site, which will affect your sales. Make your ticketing website easy to navigate and provide all the necessary information. Your website should load quickly and make the process of purchasing tickets easy for the customer.

Creating a countdown clock for event ticket landing pages is another effective strategy. Adding a countdown clock to the page can increase conversion rates by 9%. It is also a good idea to state that the sales period has a specific end date. If sales are low, you may have few prospects to sell to. To overcome this issue, create an event ticket marketing plan that includes these strategies. When used properly, ticket marketing can help you achieve your business goals.

When promoting a concert, consider how different concerts perform differently in different cities. Concerts held on weekends and at night will attract different audiences. Be sure to consider the type of concert and whether the venue you choose has a capacity for the desired number of attendees. For multi-location concerts, consider the population of each city and choose the best time to schedule the concert high ticket sales. If attendance potential is high in one location, then choose the times of day when the city has the highest number of people.

While pricing tickets for your event is critical, there are ways to increase attendance for your event without increasing costs. Consider researching similar events in your city and implementing the right price range. Do your math to estimate the number of attendees required. A lower price will not bring in the same number of attendees as a higher one. If you’re a first-time event, it’s a good idea to implement ticketing software before you release your press release. Your prospects will thank you for this.

While traditional ticket marketing may involve posting on multiple platforms, modern marketing tools make this much simpler. For example, Jamplify allows you to specify exactly how many tickets were sold through specific links. Not only does Jamplify help you to understand how effective your marketing efforts are, but it also allows you to track your audience’s behavior and decide where to focus your resources business. For example, it provides information about the audience of your ticket marketing efforts, and shows you the best time to promote it.

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