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How to draw a bee hive

How to draw a bee hive. Learn to draw an excellent hive with easy step-by-step cool drawings instructions and a tutorial. Now you can easily create a beautiful hive drawing of bees. In popular culture, hives are often involved in the honey collection or a character chopped by a swarm of angry bees. We see an example in Winnie the Pooh mentioned above. Other animated films, such as Bee Movie, focus entirely on this hard work. Are bees waiting to click? European and interior bees are soft and difficult to get angry with. They do not want to click because if they do, they lose their dart and die. They bite if they feel threatened.

There are species of bees: Africanized bees, yellow jackets, and assassination murders, which are aggressive and dangerous for humans. The beekeepers seek dangerous specimens and withdraw them from non-native environments. Bees are becoming increasingly popular in fashion and popular culture. The collapse disorders of the colonies and other hazards threaten the populations of bees in the world. Because the pollination of bees is essential for our food supply, many organizations now sell t-shirts and accessories with a reason for “saving bees.” Would you like to draw a cartoon hive? These easy-to-turn cartoons, this step through Didacticiciel is there to show you how. All you need is a pencil, a draft, and a sheet of paper.

Drawing a Bee Hive

Step 1:

Start drawing the tree branch. Use curved lines of different lengths to draw the branch and twigs. Each twig must be completed at a sharp point.

Step 2:

Then draw the hive. Extend a couple of curved lines by the branch. Draw another curved line under them and an oval underneath. Then contain several smaller curved forms under the oval.

Step 3:

Draw an opening in the hive. Draw a circle through its center and a curved line at the top of the circle. Delete if necessary.

Step 4:

Texture the hive surface with curved lines and small circles.

Step 5:

Draw the leaves on the tip of each twig. For each sheet, develop a curved line from the twig. From the floor of this line, spread two curved lines. Obtain the lines to satisfy you at a point right beyond the end of the original line. Then draw short curved lines that extend from the original line to form the veins of the leaves.

Step 6:

Start describing bees. For each bee, start with a circle. It will become the bee head. Then develop a curved line after the head and fold it on itself to form the oval body.

Step 7:

Take bees with curved lines, creating their characteristic scratches. Use two curved lines to enclose triangular spaces.

Step 8:

Draw the bee wings, erasing if necessary. For each wing, extend a curved line from the back of the bee. Duplin by itself forms a rounded shape of a tear. Details the wings with veins. Draw lines through the wings, with shorter lines, that branch.

Step 9:

How to draw a bee hive

Draw the faces of the bee, erasing if necessary. Use large eyes for the eyes, with successively smaller circles inside. Create a smiling mouth with curved lines. For the antennas, extend the curved lines from the top of the head. Conclude everyone by shading a small circle.

Step 10:

How to draw a bee hive

Color your bee hive. Bees are usually in black and yellow. Then feed your bees!

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