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Why People Still Using Samsung S9, iPhone X, Pixel 2 Smartphones

Competition gets more work done than any other form of motivation ever will. And its best as well as recent example is the announcement of Samsung S9, however, let us just sit back and analyze as the giants of the mobile industry, in an attempt to flag each other, give their best to the consumers.

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Samsung S9.

It is quite apparent that S9 would successfully up Samsung’s previous product S8, however, one would not think so just by looking at these two phones, they look immensely similar to each other. It isn’t a secret that this newcomer, launched in Barcelona is instantly going to get compared to other phones in the market. It has created a hullaballoo in the industry with its arrival. Here is an image of what these newcomers, S9 and S9+ look like.

Samsung S9.

So this image gives us an insight into a few configurations of Samsung S9, but as mentioned previously, phones are only going to be valued and understood through comparison. From here on, we shall take a look at the properties of this phone in comparison to its contemporaries. These contemporaries being mainly, iPhone X and Google Pixel 2.  Look at the diagram given below to understand why it is that such hype is being made regarding how these three are competing with each other.

As the boy in the picture pointed out, there is not much difference in the dates when these phones were launched and therefore, they are going to give a tough competition to each other in the market. Now let us move on to compare the essential elements of the three.

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Whenever a consumer goes to buy a product, his major consideration is price. How much of a dent is going to take place in his pocket, but most importantly, is the the product worth it. The Diagram given below will enable the readers to make a comparison between the prices of the three phones.  We are going to resort to another gadget freak to give us an idea about the price and the color of these three different mobile phones.

iphone X cost vs samsung s9 cost vs google pixle 2 cost

As pointed out by the Gadget boy, these are various prices and the colors of the three phones. Now let us take a look at its various features. We are going to compare the phones based on these properties. These are displayed properties, camera properties, connectivity and storage features.

iphone X feature vs samsung s9 feature vs google pixle 2 feature

Now we are aware of the properties of each and every phone, and it is time we decide which one is better. In my opinion, Samsung S9 is Samsung’s ultimate triumph over its competitor iPhone. However, let us see how I came to this conclusion.

Let us begin by looking at the design, face it, the way your phone looks makes all the difference in the world to you. Let the truth be spoken. And granted, Samsung has not updated its design, but for once, we need to push through and look beyond the aesthetics and well, class distinctions!

Samsung provides the users with better resolution, better battery life, and a better hardware. Besides, there are always the infamous headphones.

But most importantly, iPhone can create an all engorging hole in your pockets. And as the gadget boy made it apparent to us, Samsung does not.

It is for all these reasons that it can be safely said that, in the current market scenario, the best option for all consumers, is Samsung. Irrespective of what economic class a person belongs to, it is in the consumer’s welfare to buy what gives maximum utility and does not damage the pockets.

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Elizabeth is a techno-savvy author, who loves to write about technology, especially the one related to Trace Vehicle Number.  She has been updating people in the field of technology by her blogs and posts and wishes to keep on doing so.

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