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Significance Of Report In Academic Research You Must Know

Reports in academic research are formal documents that elaborate on a scientific situation or problem in the light of facts, graphs and charts to pillar arguments. To put it in another way, report writing is a process of reporting the research findings after gathering and analysing data through organised research. The primary purpose of reports in academic research is to convey all integral detail about a study based on the research to improve the existing society. These formal documents are written for a specific type of audience. In academics, the reports are written for the instructor, the higher education commission or any other educational research entity that assigned you a particular research project. This article will further elaborate on the significance of reports in academic research by stating their importance in academics and in student’s life along with their types.

Significance Of Research Report

Research reports are important as they are one of the most reliable sources of information. It is a first-hand account of a research process. It is the best communication tool in academics. It helps us in finding the research gap. It aids the research assigning authorities in knowing the progress of a researcher.

Research Reports As A Communication Tool

The purpose of research is to contribute to the existing body of knowledge, and the reports in academic research aim to make it possible. This formal document is a means to communicate the research’s findings briefly.

Identification Of Research Gaps

Dissertations and reports are legal or written proof of scientific research. The dissertation is a lengthy document, around 100-200 pages, so locating all necessary information is somewhat difficult. Therefore, most of students prefer to get dissertation help online. On the other hand, the academic reports are short files that help in estimating the knowledge/research gap more accurately. The research report explains what methods a researcher uses to conduct research and what still needs to be investigated.

Conciseness Aims For Improving Understanding

Reports in academic research are short documents having limited word count and properly arranged sub-sections: an executive summary, introduction, literature review, an account of the investigation, findings, and conclusion. The straightforward and to-the-point information under each sub-head helps both the researcher and the reader in presenting and understanding the research.

Access The Researcher/Student’s Progress

As explained, the dissertation is the longest academic document that helps assess the student’s research at the end of the degree. But reports in academic research aim to periodically check a researcher’s progress in research. In many research projects, the students have to submit a report after every fourth months. These research reports’ surveys are a standard method of estimating a researcher’s progress.      

Importance Of Report Writing For Students

Reports in academic research are a good exercise that prepares students for many professional life challenges. If you are a business student, report writing is essential in making, suggesting and implementing smart strategies. The medical students can learn how to report the number of cases, incidences of disease and possible treatments to solve a particular problem through research report writing. Thus, report writing is a reliable permanent source of information. The following are some other important benefits that a student can get from writing a report:

Updates Student’s Knowledge About The Topic

The research reports provide first hand, up to date and factual information about a topic of interest. Thus, it is important for students to know the latest means of gathering and reporting information. 

Improves Decision Making And Planning

While writing reports in academic research, students take multiple decisions regarding the selection of the topic of interest and suitable report format. Thus, report writing is an exercise to improve the decision making and planning abilities of students.

Tells Ways To Report Unknown Information

Reporting unknown information in academics demands students to meet certain criteria. Like even the unknown information should also be factual, concise and related to a certain time. Thus, report writing teaches students to learn the proper set of rules for reporting information in research.

Helps In Redirecting The Research

In long term research projects, periodic research report writing practices allow students to review all methods used. In case a scientific method does not work well, then reports help them in redirecting their research path, or one can take an alternative plan to solve a problem without wasting too much time. 

Help Know The Fundaments Of Investigation

Whenever there is a problem, the students/researchers investigate the reasons behind the problem and find means to solve them as well. Thus, research report writing is an academic task that aims to tell students the basic principles of scientific problems. In other words, it improves students’ investigation or research abilities.

Types Of The Research Report

As reports in academic research are formal documents to present information, so it is important that a student must know about its types as well. Some most popular type of research report includes:

Preprint Report

This is the type of full draft research report that circulates between fellows and institutions for reviewing.

Separate Topical Technical Report

Among all types, this one is closest to the journal articles in terms of style. Many of these research reports are written by either sponsor or the staff working on a research project. It is mostly released in the form of mechanical memoranda, notes and research letters.

Book In Report Format

These types of reports in academic research contain material that resembles the examination type. That is why they are state of the art reports and commonly drafted in the form of an appraisal. 

Committee-Type Report

The committee-type report contains findings and strategies of research used by a particular group of researchers. These reports mostly uphold the bibliographic annotations. Also, the number of approaches used in such reports varies greatly.

Institutional Report

This is the most common report in academic research. It mostly appears in the form of annual and growth reports of the organisation. However, in reporting the laboratory findings and societal issues, this type of research report is also popular. In format and style, it also resembles other academic research papers.

Consequently, research reports are as important as an actual scientific research as they are important to share your finding with others. Thus, they must be concise and summarized, so the reader can shortly understand the nature of the research and findings.

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