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Why Merino Wool Is The Best Base Layer For Hunting

Hunting is a combination of both skill and equipment. What is a worker without tools? The same goes for hunters. You need to have the best kinds of tools for you to maneuver the wild looking for game effectively. When we talk about hunting tools, you are probably thinking about the weapons such as guns and knives. While these tools are exponentially crucial for hunting, there is more to tools than weaponry.

Dressing can be a significant hindrance to hunting. Thus, getting the best dressing made from the best material determines a lot when it comes to your hunting. While many hunters may consider base layers and the materials used to make them utterly insignificant to hunting, this article seeks to provide an alternate opinion. Choosing a base layer that keeps you comfortable can make or break your hunting.

Why Should You Be Concerned About Your Base Layer?

Base layers are integral to any hunter’s dressing ensemble when out in the wild. The importance of selecting an appropriate base layer becomes more pronounced when most of your hunting involves a lot of waiting, crouching, or any other high exertion activity that may increase perspiration. An inappropriate choice of material for the base layer you use can adversely affect your body’s heat and thermal levels, leading to heavy sweating that may be very uncomfortable for you during hunting. The best choice would be a merino wool base layer which helps address many of these concerns. 

Benefits of Using Merino Base Layers

It is not compelling enough to tell you that merino base layers are your best choices without offering compelling and cogent evidence of why they are. Here are some benefits you are sure to get if you use merino wool base layers.

1. Lightweight

Most hunting involves a lot of heavy exerting activity and a lot of discomfort in the woods. You may even carry heavy gear such as weapons, knives, and scopes. If you are out hunting for a while, you may need to carry your food and water as you move around. All this load can be unbearable if you also wear heavy clothes. Merino wool base layers are exceedingly lightweight in that wearing them feels light. The clothes do not offer any unnecessary weight that would keep you down. 

In addition, the material is very soft, which enhances comfort. Unlike other materials such as polyester, merino wool does not scratch the skin or cause any unpleasant sensation when in contact with the skin. Thus, you can wear it directly on your skin without anything underneath, as a good base layer is expected.

2. Heat Insulation and Thermal Regulation

While merino wool base layers are very lightweight and soft, this does not compromise their heat insulation properties. Merino wool base layers are well-suited to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The wool in the base layers performs this function in the following ways. 

First, the wool provides a ripple structure that keeps the body’s heat in air chambers or pockets, keeping the heat constant, whether cold or hot. This is very beneficial and forms part of the layering or onion properties of the merino wool base layers. Thus, you would not have to lose a few clothes when it gets hot or wear more clothes when cold.

3. Moisture Absorption

Moisture can cause a lot of discomforts when hunting and may come from varied sources. For example, moisture can come from perspiration or high air humidity when hunting. As such, you need the best base layers that can absorb a lot of moisture and keep it from bothering you. What makes merino base layers the best when it comes to moisture absorption is the fact that wool fibers are hydrophilic. That means they can absorb up to 35% of their own weight in moisture without feeling wet to the touch or increasing in weight.

By reducing the moisture content, the merino wool base layers increase your comfort levels, allowing your hunting experience to go smoothly. No one needs to tell you how beneficial it is for you if you are comfortable waiting for that deer or elk out in the woods.

4. Odor Neutralization

No one wants to smell, even when out in the woods. The smell can be uncomfortable for you and your colleagues and friends in the hunting camp. Merino wool keeps you odor-free through a variety of processes. First, since the wool absorbs a lot of your sweat in terms of moisture, it keeps the sweat from building up on your skin which may cause a smell. Secondly, the wool breaks down any form of odor-causing bacteria that may lead to a high smell. In the long run, animals which use their sense of smell as a defense mechanism will not be able to detect your scent.

Parting Shot

These are just but a few of the many benefits of using merino base layers for hunting. As you prepare for your next hunting expedition, you may consider getting merino wool base layers for yourself and others in your hunting camp.

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