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Employee Time Clock: Here are the Top 4 Reasons Why You Need It

An employee time clock will help you keep track of your employees and ensure that they aren’t cheating you. It’s easy to find the right system. When you have the right time clock, you can get the employees working on time, and the time clock along with the biometric gives an exact idea of how much time the employee has actually worked.

Employee time clocks help to track employee hours

Employee Time Clock
Employee Time Clock

An employee’s time clock is necessary to keep track of their hours. These are the five top reasons to get one now.

  • To reduce wage and hour lawsuits, perhaps they aren’t clocking in on time, or someone is stealing from your company without being caught. These actions can result in wage and hour lawsuits that can be very costly for any company, even small businesses.
  • To monitor breaks: Some companies require that each break be counted in and out to keep track of time. However, many employers ignore this rule and allow employee breaks without supervision or knowing how long they last. It’s also important to track how long employees spend on tasks like lunch and toilet breaks for managers to ensure compliance with federal law.
  • The right time clock adjustments help in the overall disbursal of the actual salary of the employees, and they cannot evade the employer and run away during office hours. For instance, many companies have now installed the Tucson features that help to calculate the hours of work, leaves, etc. and this also helps in determining their salary for the month.
  • Employee satisfaction. When staff members recognize what is expected of them when they begin work, it makes them feel valued and makes it easier for their managers to effectively manage their payroll.

Employee Time Clocks Help You with Attendance Problems

You can quickly access information and reports by using an employee time clock. This will allow you to identify attendance issues such as repeated tardiness or systematic absences. Always “sick” on Fridays, etc. Important because:

  • Interruptions can be costly. It is costly to interrupt employees’ work. Employees lose time in a “starting mode” while they should be in “working mode.” It is costly to lose productivity.
  • Temporary labor costs add up. Temporary labor expenses to replace employees who are not available add to the cost in both actual wages and the training time required to train them.
  • The morale of employees can be affected. Employee morale can suffer when absenteeism becomes a regular occurrence.

Employee Time Clocks Help Payroll Accuracy

An employee time clock can save you money and automate the time-collection process. However, it also improves payroll accuracy.¬†Payroll can often conceal absenteeism costs, so an employee’s time clock can make a difference in several ways.

  • Payroll policies should be considered. You can plug in your policies to the employee time clock system. This will reduce human error. Payroll policies can automatically calculate things like vacation and paid time off.
  • Integrate with a direct deposit system. Automated time clocks can be integrated with an automated direct deposit payroll program. Over time, the cost savings of consumable paper, printing, and distribution add up. Since the whole system of the timeclocks work on the shifting of technology, there is no chance of fault for any kind of business. Even small businesses now adopt the system of timeclock to enhance the overall productivity and high-class employee retention in their business.

Employee Time Clocks show Real-Time employment expenditure

Employee Time Clock
Employee Time Clock
  • Human nature is to avoid problems, so it’s tempting to skim over employee time data to save trouble.
  • What employees and positions take up most of your time? You can determine which area of labor costs your business the most by how you organize your employee time clock.
  • Overtime costs are rising. Can you identify which areas and employees of your company use overtime the most? This information will help you decide if you need to hire additional employees or deal with an employee who’s less productive than they should be.


Employee time records must be kept accurate and maintained according to law. Even an automated system can fail; even if the employee’s time clock is not working properly or the employee forgets to enter the number, they are legally responsible for paying the employee and accurately recording the time. However, this is the case always if you use a manual time tracking program

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