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Why is my download speed so slow on the computer?

I have always had a slow download speed with the computer of my fathers when he had it I think must have had trouble with it. I get the download speed on pc from here only to get so slow that I can’t move much but the page seems like it is loading in slow motion when I go to upload a movie or just about anything.

It’s not always a DVD though, it can be something like a music file or something that has a file size greater than 100 MB. But my connection speed has become so slow that it takes forever to do anything with it like transfer pictures from camera to pc, install games, edit a document or even watch a youtube video.

I’ve tried connecting an ethernet cable for 24hrs with no result, and the internet speed that I get through my modem is around 3.4 MBS (an average speed but still not enough)

Stupidly stupid, my plan was to buy something from iMac to use the free wifi. Now I’m thinking of starting to use another computer because of the lag. Or i should have bought a wireless router first to save money?

Thanks for the tip. I’ve bought a Wired Cable Ethernet Adapter from DX, but it just sits in my son’s closet gathering dust. I’m tempted to ask him to take it to the local computer shop and give them a $20 USD credit if I return the one I bought at a reseller, but the cheap one that we got has already had some problems.

Why is my download speed so slow on the computer?

Part of the issue is that it’s so slow, the images it works with are barely acceptable. One of the pictures I have on my wife’s Instagram that shows her on the beach taken by her dad was taking hours to download. I’m not sure if my connection is the main culprit, but it certainly is not the connection of my parents.

My old Mac Mini had even worse problems. Not sure if you have a FireWire port on your computer or not, I tried a FireWire to USB cable and it was no different. And if you have to use your ISP’s 30mbps plan, there’s really nothing you can do about the slow speed.

If you are using the same modem as your Dad, he’s probably on a business plan. If you get one, it should be part of the plan with a download limit, so you’re probably not going to be throttled by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

That would be something that you’d have to ask about before you buy. Using the free wifi from your Dad is the way to go. Check with him and see if there’s a router in his house that has free wifi, or even better, ask if there’s a port on his computer that you can utilize to attach your computer to the router.

Check out some websites for plan comparison to get an idea of what the plans with what you want cost. It may save you money to buy your own modem and router, or just use the free wifi. Check out Apple’s website for free wifi, they have a list of compatible routers and plan here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201104 That was my brother’s first computer (taken from my parents’ house).

They didn’t get free wifi on it, but it had a port on it and it worked well enough. I’m now using it and you should be able to share it with your dad. Just go in there and find the ports, and they’re the side with the connectors on the back, underneath the headphone jack. There’s always the wire on the bottom right side if you need to connect something else like a keyboard, mouse, etc.

Don’t worry about connecting your ethernet cable to it, there’s a whole cable coming out of the port in the back of the computer to provide it. Just run the cable up to the wall. 

You’re not going to be throttled, but you’re not going to have much of a speed advantage, either. If it’s a decent router, it’s not going to have a high-speed interface to handle it.

If you’re going to use it for video conferencing, get a good interface like the Logitech ONE. I use the 9800 anyways to make some live video feeds, so this is another plug-and-play kind of thing. The onboard video will be fine, but you might want to get an Ethernet Cable for around $15 USD at Radio Shack unless you already have one in the house.

The onboard Ethernet port will handle this type of stuff just fine.

I have a friend who uses Apple computers and this was my router before buying this one. I’ve never had any problems, but it was a hassle to change.

I have bought it and had no issues with it.

Hope You know the answer Now: Why is my download speed so slow on the computer?

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Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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