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Why invest in Multi Gardens Phase 2?

Multi Gardens, also known as B-17 as is a renowned housing project in Islamabad. It has all the features of a reliable and luxury-oriented housing society. It has been developed by MPCHS, a non-profit organization that serves the residential needs of inmates. The developers of this project have brought multiple projects to those who want their house in Islamabad.

The latest in the list is MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2, which is a new project expected to be launched soon. The developers have announced the acquisition of land, and the complete details will be announced soon. There are plots available for booking at pre-launch rates, which is a good opportunity for interested investors.

Here is a brief overview of Multi Gardens Islamabad and what benefits it will bring to the investors.

Multi Gardens Phase 2 – An Affordable Housing Option

Multi Gardens Phase 2 is an affordable housing option like its predecessor projects. The developers of Multi Gardens Phase 2 are a cooperative housing initiative, so there is little profit for them. In contrast to the project prices, they have given Islamabad some of the best housing options. These include MPCHS Multi Gardens, E 11/3, and some others, which have proved to be of high value to investors.

The new project of MPCHS has attracted a significant number of investors. As the booking of plots on pre-launch rates is available, interested readers can avail of this opportunity. Once the project is officially launched, the price plan will be revised.

Reasons to invest in Multi Gardens Phase 2

There are many reasons Multi Gardens Phase 2 can be a good investment for the readers. Here are some reasons for it.


The main reason for the investment in real estate is the location of the project. Investors prefer to go for projects that are located in an accessible area. The developers of MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2 have chosen an ideal location for this project. The available information from the developers’ press release shows that it is located close to Chakri Interchange.

Some of the renowned housing projects in this area include Capital Smart City, Mumtaz City, Faisal Town Phase 2, etc. Its accessibility and premium value make it the best option for investors.


MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2 is being developed by Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society which is a renowned name in real estate development in Islamabad. They have presented some premium housing projects in Islamabad. As mentioned earlier, they have worked on Multi Gardens Islamabad, E 11/3, Multi Residencia, and & Orchard Scheme. Chaudhry Abdul Majeed serves as the head of this real estate group and has been behind multiple successful projects.

Payment Plan

The developers have announced a payment plan for residential plots. The available details show that there is a range of plot sizes available, which include 5.56, 8, 10.89, 14.22 marla, and 1, 2 Kanal plots. The prices have been kept affordable and are considerably lower compared to other high-end projects in Islamabad. As it is being developed by a cooperative housing initiative, it will ensure there is the least possible burden on the investors. For more info about multi gardens phase 2 location contact us on this link.


Multi Gardens Phase 2 offers multiple amenities to investors. These include reliable infrastructure, wide roads, and the availability of basic needs like water, gas, electricity, etc. The developers have ensured that it is safe for the investors. The installation of CCTV and the presence of security personnel will make it possible. There will be parks, commercial areas, etc., for the facilitation of the investors.


The developers of Multi Gardens Phase 2 are known for successful and productive projects. This project will also bring a significant ROI to the investors. Once the developmental work is complete, the investors will reap the benefits.

Final Thoughts

Multi Gardens Phase 2 is a housing project brought by MPCHS to ensure that the need for new housing societies is fulfilled. It is a customer-oriented project that will ensure the availability of residential and commercial plots at reasonable prices. Those who are interested in it can avail of their plots by visiting the head office or authorized dealers. Multi Gardens Phase 2 will bring a considerable ROI to the investors.

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