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Islamabad, Pakistan, the country’s capital, boasts a new housing development that is a work of contemporary art. Near the intersection of the M-1 Motorway and the famous Fateh Jang Expressway lies a great residential community called Faisal Town Phase 2. It is also in the F-18 area of Islamabad. New construction community boasting state-of-the-art facilities and breathtaking scenery of the Margalla Mountains. The residential complex has constructed with the greatest of specifications and features state-of-the-art conveniences and a beautiful setting.

The initial footprint of the development will be enormous at 25,000 kanals, and expansions in the long term will be necessary to keep up with demand. However, the Planning Commission responsible for this project’s NOC approval says they expect to have it done as soon as possible. It’s the best place to live if you want to take advantage of all the modern comforts.

Trustworthy Developers

Zedem International, a highly regarded and successful Pakistani real estate firm, designed and constructed the Faisal Town Private LTD community. The firm had admired in the property sector community for its innovative, sustainable projects. The builders have also built many well-known landmarks.

Perfect Setting

The neighbourhood is environmentally sustainable due to its location. The project lies near Thalian Interchange, which provides quick and easy access to the M2 and is adjacent to the International Airport of Islamabad. In addition, residents of this development will appreciate the proximity to a couple of eateries, educational institutions, medical clinics, retail centres, and transportation hubs.

Amazing Features

The occupants of this development will have access to underground utilities, water reserves, and a gas supply, among other amenities. There are various ways in which modern Society encourages rejuvenation, and having access to amenities like a large park is a significant plus in this regard.

Public transit, stunningly healthy and safe ecosystems, supermarkets, educational facilities, medical clinics, pharmacies, fitness centres, and mosques are just some of the amenities available in the Community. Underground, there is also a network system set up to ensure consistency. As a result, the Neighborhood provides prospective buyers with the best opportunity to evaluate land featuring substantial benefits.

Business Hub

Each building in the residential area features a modern business district with a variety of shops and entertainment options for the residents’ convenience. In addition, these commercial hubs will become home to various local and global corporations. The mall will feature name-brand shops and high-end retail centres with state-of-the-art valet parking, security cameras, public restrooms, elevators, and garages.

World-Class Architecture

For the initial phase of the housing society’s development and growth, the ruling council opted to build a vast network of cushioned roads. Therefore, a well-developed road network is created across Society, making travel convenient for residents and tourists. In addition, the neighbourhood’s primary drag, double lanes, and surrounding districts have all had new cement walkways and road maintenance constructed as a renovation component. For more info about faisal town phase 2 payment plan contact us on this link.

Safe Community

To ensure the safety of its occupants and to set the boundaries of  Society, the builders have decided to make this development a gated community with a high site border. Additionally, it differentiates it from the other nearby residential buildings. Faisal Town II has an effective security network, making it among the most secure communities in all of Islamabad. CCTV cameras equipped with motion detectors are strategically placed throughout the Community to monitor all residents and visitors. In addition, the armed security team is deployed and stationed at the Society’s most important sites, including the wall around the Community, the principal marketplaces, and the entrance gates.

Feasible Pricing

This development is among the few in Islamabad that provides high-end housing at a reasonable cost. With its prime location, up-to-date infrastructure that meets international standards, and state-of-the-art amenities, this project is a fantastic option for investors. In addition, the developers offer convenient payment plans for middle-class and regular working-class people, allowing them to create their dream homes.


All the major twin city landmarks are within a short distance from this stunning residential complex near the Thai intersection. The Society provides me with an excellent investment opportunity in these inflationary times due to its low prices and high-quality services. It has anticipated that both long-term and transient customers will be interested in this residential development because it promises a reasonable higher price in the coming months.

In addition to being in a convenient area, the complex’s housing units are also excellent. As a bonus, it will be located just 5 minutes from the brand new airport of Islamabad and right next to the main thoroughfare connecting the twin cities. Another selling point for these high-end apartments is the proximity to the Metro transportation system. The regular rising prices make this an excellent short-term investment.

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