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Which Oil Is Best for Your Face?

Massage always provides a soothing experience to your baby. Using natural oil, you can massage your baby’s face and body. Massage keeps the skin of your baby soft, delicate, and moisturized. 

So, which is the best massage oil for your baby’s skin, and how to apply it? Read on to know more about it.

Which Oil Is Safe for Baby?

Well, there are different types of massage oil available in the market. But when it comes to babies, you can’t just pick any of the ones. You can use coconut oil & almond oil to massage your baby’s face. 

Is it Safe to Use Natural Coconut Oil & Almond Oil on a Baby?

Using natural coconut or almond oil on the baby’s face, skin, and hair has a lot of great benefits. Such oils help keep the delicate skin of your baby well-nourished & moisturized. Moreover, good & organic coconut oil doesn’t have chemicals or added artificial fragrances that make it safe for babies.

How to Apply Oil On Baby Face? 

Most of the time, we apply oil to the baby’s face incorrectly. Check out the following steps to know the right way to massage your baby.

Steps To Apply Oil on Baby Face

  • Use oil according to the skin (if your baby has any allergy on the face, use oil after concerning a doctor).
  • Clean the baby’s skin before applying the oil 
  • Apply a few drops of oil to the face
  • Now gently massage the face
  • Apply oil twice a day ( Morning & night )

The best part of using oil on the face is that oil is a natural sunscreen that helps moisturize your baby’s skin all the time.

Is There Any Difference between Organic Oil & Essential Oil?

Yes, there is a little difference between organic oil and essential oil. Let’s focus on both of the oils using the process. 

Organic Oil – An organic essential oil is produced from plants or herbs that are grown or processed using these organic principles. It doesn’t have prohibited substances, including certain pesticides and herbicides, and controls pests and diseases using a management approach (prevention, avoidance, monitoring, and suppression) PAMS (prevention, avoidance, monitoring, and suppression). 

Essential Oil – They are made from the parts of leaves, plants, seeds, roots, and bark. They have many benefits, as you may put them into creams, even in bath gels, and rubs them on your face. 

Where to Buy Natural Oil for Baby Massage?

You can buy the best oil for face massage from Little Rituals, which deals in 100% natural & organic natural oil. You can select from the wide range of cold-pressed natural coconut oil, black sesame oil, or sweet almond oil from the Little Rituals for maximum benefits.

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