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When would I file a fleet insurance claim?

Submitting an insurance claim for a motor fleet

Your entire fleet of vehicles is covered by motor fleet insurance. It is primarily intended for businesses with a lot of vehicles. Of course, people with multiple vehicles can choose to purchase this insurance as well. Let’s learn more about how to submit a claim for vehicle fleet insurance. 

What is insurance for a motor fleet?

Motor fleet insurance will offer a single coverage for the complete fleet as opposed to insuring each vehicle separately. This is advantageous since it eliminates the need for you to submit multiple claims to various insurers in the event that multiple vehicles are damaged. Motor fleet insurance is something you should think about getting if you own two or more vehicles.

Submitting an insurance claim for a motor fleet

You must submit a claim in order to be eligible for compensation under the provisions of the policy in the event that your vehicles are damaged or stolen. You will need the following information in order to submit a claim under a motor fleet insurance policy:

  • The policyholder’s name
  • Assurance number
  • Contact details
  • the number on a vehicle’s license plate
  • vehicle details
  • Driver information
  • names and phone numbers of all parties involved in the collision, including any witnesses.
  • Any details of the accident that you can recall

To learn more about the benefits of vehicle fleet insurance, read more of our blogs or simply get in touch with your taxi insurance brokers.

Additionally, you must complete the claim form, which is available on the website of the insurance company.

Case study: Making a claim following a collision

A logistics company owned by Dean ships goods all throughout Panjim. The company owns eight automobiles. Dean covered all eight cars with motor fleet insurance.

Recently, a car was involved in an accident while en route to delivery. Dean then made a claim with his insurance company. He called the insurer first and gave information over the phone. Insurance claim form was then filled out by him, together with information on the claim, the car, the driver, and a written statement of the driver’s account of the accident. The insurance firm received the form, which he then sent to be processed.

The insurance provider processed the claim and disbursed the money on schedule.

Fleet Liability: Claims Administration

The price of claims can be significantly impacted by the way that auto accidents and other occurrences are handled. Understand the proper way to submit an insurance claim as well as what your drivers and management should do when a mishap occurs.​​ Depending on the magnitude of the event, people may be hurt, property or equipment may be damaged, or there may be a loss in business output.​​​​

Keep a record of the occurrence

Drivers for your company or organization can utilize a report to record the circumstances and assist in gathering the data that insurers need for a claim. Examine a model accident report that can be utilized if a fleet vehicle is involved in an accident. Your taxi insurance provider will then go through your claim and will guide you.

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