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WhatsApp Announces a New Browser Extension aimed at Making the Web App More Secure

WhatsApp has announced a new browser extension that aims to make the web app more secure. The extension is called “Web Security” and it can be used on any browser. This browser extension is designed to prevent malicious software from affecting the app’s security. It is free and available for download from the official website.

Code Verify

The new browser extension for WhatsApp is aimed at making the messaging app safe and secure for internet users. The extension uses a traffic light system to determine whether the page is safe or not. The color green indicates that everything is fine, orange indicates that there is an error, and red means a problem. When this happens, the extension will notify you and allow you to fix the problem.

The extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, and compares the hash of the code in the browser with the hash stored by Cloudflare. It’s easy to install and uses a simple method to check whether a website is genuine or not. Once installed, the extension will run automatically when you open the WhatsApp web page in your browser. It will show a green circle if the page is secure.

The extension is designed to protect the online version of WhatsApp from hacker attacks. The extension was created in partnership with web infrastructure company Cloudflare and is an open source project, allowing other developers to add their own features to the extension.


A new browser extension for WhatsApp aims to improve the security of the messaging app. Called Code Verify, the extension compares the JavaScript code in the web version of WhatsApp to a cryptographic hash. It also detects inconsistencies in code and alerts users. It runs automatically on the user’s browser.

The extension is free and can be downloaded from the Chrome web store. It currently works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge browsers. A version for Safari is in development. Once installed, the extension will automatically check WhatsApp codes for any possible security risks. It also uses a color-code system to indicate whether or not they pose a security risk. A green icon means that the extension is safe, while a red one indicates that a security issue has occurred.

The extension can be downloaded for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. The developers have released the source code for Code Verify on GitHub. It’s available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, and says a version for Safari will be available soon.

Traffic light system

A new update to WhatsApp Web, the messaging app used on computers and smartphones, has been released. This new version includes a traffic light system. These lights blink alongside main traffic signals to alert drivers to a pending turn. The system is being tested in the Dutch city of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk.

WhatsApp’s multi-device capability

WhatsApp’s multi-device capability in its browser extension enables users to access their messaging service from multiple devices at the same time. This feature has led to an increase in the number of people who use WhatsApp on the web. The browser extension also supports multiple accounts. Unlike the previous version, which only supported Android and iOS devices, the browser extension now supports all four major operating systems.

The new feature allows WhatsApp users to access their accounts on up to four devices without requiring an internet connection on the primary device. Previously, this feature was only available in beta and users had to opt-in to the beta program to use it. It is expected to be available on Android soon.

The browser extension is designed to protect user privacy. It doesn’t log user information and doesn’t share it with third parties. However, it’s important to note that WhatsApp is not immune to malware and other threats. Therefore, developers should ensure that the browser extension they release is free of malware.

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