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Holistic Sanctuary Center

Holistic Sanctuary offers a full spectrum of services including addiction recovery and mental health treatment. The facility is located in Beverly Hills, California. The center offers a range of treatments including Yoga, plant medicines, and energy healing. It is open seven days a week for all walks of life.

Experiential therapy

If you’ve ever wanted to experience true holistic healing, then you may want to consider visiting Holistic Sanctuary Center in Costa Rica. This luxury wellness center is run by Johnny Tabaie, a certified therapist with extensive knowledge in holistic healing. His methods have helped thousands of patients over the last decade overcome a variety of health problems, including depression, addiction, autoimmune disease, and more.

Plant medicines

For those seeking a holistic approach to addiction treatment, the Holistic Sanctuary Center offers plant medicines such as ibogaine and ayahuasca. These two naturally-occurring drugs are used to treat various disorders, including drug dependence and mental disorders. The use of plant medicines is safe and effective, with no risk of addiction. Other treatments include yoga and meditation and the use of hyperbaric chambers.

Energy healing

The Holistic Sanctuary Center is located in Beverly Hills, California. Its programs range from mental health to addiction recovery. It also offers spiritual counseling.


The Holistic Sanctuary Center offers mental health and addiction recovery services. The center is based in Beverly Hills, California.


Holistic Sanctuary is an amazing center based in Beverly Hills, California. They provide addiction recovery and mental health services.


Ibogaine is a medically based treatment that aims to address both the psychological and biological aspects of drug dependency. This method wipes the slate clean and resets the body to its pre-addictive state, allowing the person to focus on the recovery process. Additionally, the treatment helps to remove the fear and anxiety of the withdrawal symptoms.

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