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What is Gift cards: 6 Incredible Benefits Of Gift Cards

There are many benefits to providing gift cards, such as increasing brand awareness and improving cash flow. Although many platforms nowadays offer online egift card services, Incenti is one of the best platforms that provide online eGift cards. It has a wide range of brands that it offers. Here are six ways gift cards can help your business. The following six points will help you to understand the benefits of gift cards that can be used in your business.

1. Creating brand awareness 

The gift cards are branded with your business name, logo, and message, so recipients see your company every time they open their wallets. Using gift cards is one of the most effective ways to market since they offer an incentive for customers to visit your store. Further, the person who bought the gift card becomes an ambassador for your brand. The purchase of the card represents a positive recommendation to the recipient.

2. Increasing cash flow

In the event that someone buys a gift card from you, you receive the money instantly, and you do not have to wait until a holiday or the recipient’s birthday to receive the revenue that they have spent. It is important to remember that if the recipient did not use the gift card or used only a portion of its value, your business would ultimately benefit from a lower cost of goods.

3. Engaging a younger audience

A recent study by the firm InComm indicates that millennials choose to buy gift cards in the greatest numbers, making up 37% of all gift card purchasers. There are also 28% of Gen Xers in the population. It is also important to note that if your target market is married women without children, you are in luck – roughly half of gift card buyers fit this description.

4. Gaining more customers

The recipients of your gift cards may never even be aware of your business, but receiving a gift card increases the likelihood that they will visit your store and make a purchase. By capturing the recipient’s email address, you are also able to send them advertising and promotions if you are selling digital gift cards.

5. Marketing corporate gifts

There are many reasons why gift cards are such a great choice as a gift for business owners to give to their employees or best customers. Great value can be gained from the cards because they have a high perceived value, however, the choice of the gift remains with the recipient. Approximately 69% of employees say they consider gift cards from their employers as a reward when they receive them as a reward, according to a study by Blackhawk Network and Murphy Research. If you want to read more articles about online egift cards.

6. Boosting holiday sales

When you offer gift cards to your customers, even if what you sell cannot be quickly wrapped and placed under the tree, you can boost your holiday sales and increase your profits. The availability of gift cards has proven to be a boon for businesses operating in the services sector, such as gyms, salons, car washes, and restaurants. According to the survey conducted by DealDrop, gift cards rank third on the list of the most wanted holiday gifts, with 17% of consumers saying they would like to receive one during the holidays.


Amazon gift cards are one of the most flexible gifts you can purchase online. Regardless of where you are and where your recipient is in the world, an Amazon gift card can be purchased and redeemed with ease using a credit card in virtually any currency.

When the only information you have for your recipient is an email address, consider choosing an electronic format for your gift card. Emailing your best buy egift card, or delivering it via Facebook, ensures speedy delivery and reduces the risk of the card getting lost.

Physical Amazon gift cards cannot be shipped to Dubai direct from Amazon. You will have to use a mail forwarding service like incenti egift cards if you’d like to purchase a physical gift card.
Both the Amazon gift card purchaser and the gift card recipient must register an account with incenti. Registration is free and takes only a few minutes.

Amazon gift cards purchased from the Amazon US website can only be redeemed from the US site. You can’t redeem your card through Amazon Dubai.

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