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Free Textbooks For Students: Where To Get Free Textbooks Online

We have come to understand how completely reliant on technology we are for all of our requirements as a result of the ongoing worldwide epidemic. People were compelled to rely entirely on technology as nation after nation issued nationwide lockdowns as a result of an increase in Covid-19 cases particularly in the past years.

From doing our grocery shopping to obtaining a job to pursuing our education, everything took place on the digital display in front of us. Although there are clearly drawbacks to our over-reliance on technology, we may nevertheless take benefit of it now while we can.

Online learning was the most severely impacted, and as a result, several e-learning providers rose to the rescue. The wonderful thing about online learning tools is that everyone and everyone can use them. Because these platforms are open to everyone, even those with physical limitations, the variety of learning opportunities for many people has significantly broadened.

There are some websites that provide free textbooks for education. These PDF books are available for quick downloads or for completely free online reading. They provide academic, literary, and even children’s literature content.

How to Get Free Textbooks Online For College & University

According to the College Board, on average, around $1,200 a year on books and other materials is spent. And that’s money you most definitely don’t need to spend.

Fortunately, there are various methods to get both reasonable and cost-free college textbooks.

Below are several methods for obtaining free textbooks online. 

  • OpenStax
  • AACC Bookstore eTextbooks
  • Textbook Revolution
  • Project Gutenberg
  • Many books.net
  • Free-eBooks.net
  • DigiLibraries.com
  • Bookboon

1. OpenStax

OpenStax is one of the popular sources to get free textbooks online. It is a non-profit educational project established at Rice University.

College textbooks of the finest quality are accessible for free online reading and may be reproduced at a low cost through OpenStax.

OpenStax textbooks are stated to be used in over 100 countries and 48% of American colleges and institutions.

2. SolutionInn 

SolutionInn is at the top of our list of websites that promise to provide free textbooks online for two very important and significant reasons!

They are genuinely giving free textbooks online, to start with.

Second, they are giving you free delivery of actual books—not those PDFs—right to your home!

Fortunately, if you enjoy the tactile sensation of paper and ink under your fingers and find it difficult to properly comprehend the concept of online textbooks, then this is the sign! 

They provide totally free shipping on more than 2.5 million textbooks from more than 3500 courses that are available online. In addition to providing students with free textbooks online, they also provide step-by-step solutions to textbook difficulties.

The website serves as a center for online tutoring and provides employment openings to online instructors all around the world!

3. AACC Bookstore eTextbooks

The AACC Bookstore offers free downloadable textbooks as well as study editions of literature that are in the public domain. It is one of the authentic dependable free textbooks online sources for online free textbooks in PDF.

4. Textbook Revolution

On this website Textbook Revolution, we can get free PDF textbooks. Fortunately, you may look for books by subject or by license. Numerous subjects, including Biology, Computer Science & Technology, Economics, Health Sciences &Medical, Mathematics, Physics, and World History, are just a few names of the available free textbooks online on the platform.

5. Project Gutenberg

Textbooks at the Project Gutenberg platform are over 57,000 free eBooks that have the availablity.

Project Gutenberg offers a wide range of file formats for downloading books, including ePUB, PDF, and .doc.

Online textbooks can also be read or downloaded. Overall, it’s a terrific platform with a huge selection of titles.

6. Many books.net

The website ManyBooks.net offers free college textbooks. There, you may discover books in a number of file formats, including ePUB, PDF, and .doc.

Therefore, regardless of the reading device you choose, you may easily read free textbooks from ManyBooks.net.

If you’re seeking textbook PDF downloads, ManyBooks.net is definitely worth a look.

7. Free-eBooks.net

Free-eBooks.net offers free textbooks online for download. A comprehensive academic portion is present. So if you want PDF copies of your textbooks, make sure to visit Free-eBooks.net. This is incredibly useful if you’re taking an English literature course because it also includes classic fiction.

8. Bookboon

You may obtain free textbooks from the website Bookboon. There are books available in many different subject areas, including IT, statistics, engineering, natural science, and economics.


Free textbook online downloads are available in a variety of ways. The websites SolutionInn, OpenStax, Textbook Revolution, and Bookboon are popular choices available for providing free textbooks online. 

With the right guidance and knowledge on where to look for free PDF books, online learning platforms might blossom with the reader’s intelligence.

These online learning platforms offer a huge variety of reading and learning resources, even if the majority of users are unaware of them. In order to avoid clickbait, always double-check the credibility of the site before proceeding. 


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