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What does a parent expect from their child’s pediatrician?

If you are a children’s doctor in Boaz, then you can relate that most of the time, parents feel dissatisfied with their child’s pediatrician. Even the smallest of things, or the smallest of mistakes are debated upon by the child’s parents. Would you like to know why? This is because pediatricians fail to notice a few things that every parent wants from a pediatrician (other than the child’s good health). And this article will explain all that you, as a pediatrician, need to know about what parents require. 

They don’t need you to disrespect their cultural heritage

You need to know that their (the parents) cultural norms may be different from yours. It does not mean that their cultural norms are wrong (in most cases). So, you need to be open to the fact that different does not mean bad, and will not affect the child’s health (in most cases). It is best that you leave them as they are, and if you do not understand the, then just look them up. 

The dad’s love their children too

Do not just forget that the father exists, they need some credit too! They love their children too; they are just as hands-on as moms. They don’t just play and go out with their child, and they are not “just a fun parent”. They give baths; prepare meals; read books; change diapers; and fix boo-boos. They might even take their child to the doctor’s appointment. So, it will be very rude to ignore them or assume that they are “babysitting” today. You need to respect them because they love and care about their kids too. 

They need reassurance

When a parent brings their child to the doctor or pediatrician. Most of the time, they come with a preconceived expectation of what they will get out of the visit. So, they don’t need just any reassurance, they need the “best” care for their kids. Meaning that, they may expect prescription, X-ray, a bloodwork, an antibiotic, or something. So, it is best that you, as a doctor, reassure them that the child does not need any of this and explain what they can do to help their child. 

They need help getting rid of some information 

An interesting fact is that google and a frantic parent are besties. They research for hours and hours before the appointment. They have already diagnosed their child and have several treatment options to discuss. They just want you to put in the orders. 

The point is, there is a huge wealth of information at everyone’s fingertips. Most people know things that they don’t even need or want to know. And the first person every frantic parent consult is Dr. Google. 

So, you need to be patient with all the knowledge, useless information and anxiety that the parent has stored inside and you need to break it all down for them in detail. 

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