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How to Build Your Own Beast Plex Server

This guide will help you build your own Beast Plex server easily. Beast is one of the most popular private streaming solutions that exist. It has well over a million users worldwide and provides an excellent, reliable solution for individual and professional use.

What is a Beast Server?

A beast server is an individual PC or home network-based plex server. When you install the beast plex server program on your computer, anyone can host their plex server on it. In addition, you may stream media from your PC to any device connected to the same network, thanks to the Plex server. So, if you have a sizable collection of films and television series, you can upload them to your computer and use plex to watch them.

Thanks to this, you can watch your material on your TV, computer, mobile device, tablet, gaming console, or any other device linked to the same network. Since operating for a while, the beast plex server has developed into one of the most well-known plex servers worldwide. The beast plex server is available in several variants, each with a unique set of functionality. A Beast Plex Server is a powerful media server for your home theater. It can stream content from your local hard drive, network storage, and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. 

Installing the Beast Plex Server

You must first visit the website and download the beast plex server before you begin. The download and installation processes are both very simple and easy to follow.

  • Click “Download Beast” after finding the Beast webpage.
  • Your destination will be the download page. The software version you want to install must be chosen here. Beast V2, Beast V3, or Beast V4 are your options. We advise Beast V2. This is due to several factors, the main one being that V4 is currently in beta testing and contains some issues.
  • When you click “Download Now,” a payment box will appear. – After providing your email and other information, click “Proceed to Payment.”
  • Choose your payment option and follow the on-screen directions to finish the payment. After making your payment, you will be sent to the download page. To get the software, you must click “Download” here.
  • You can click the “Install” button to begin the software installation after completing the download.

To finish the installation process, adhere to the directions and click next a few times.

How it Works

Build Your Own Beast Plex Server is easy if you have the correct tools and know what you’re doing. You can install a beast plex server on a Windows 10 machine using the instructions in this guide. Before getting started, make sure that you have the following: A Windows 10 computer, An Nvidia graphics card.

To get started, open the Nvidia control panel by clicking on the icon in your taskbar or start menu. Then, under “Manage 3D Settings,” click on “Program Settings.” Here, ensure your graphics card is enabled and has the latest driver installed. Next, install Plex Media Server onto your computer. To do this, go to http://Plex.tv/download and click on the green “Download Now” button next to Plex Media Server for Windows. Once it has completed downloading, double-click on the installer file to start it up; when the installation process has finished, click on the “Activate” button next to Plex Media Server for it to start working. Finally, open up a web browser and navigate to https://localhost:32400/. This is where you will find your Beast Plex server.

Pros and Cons of Building Your Plex Server

Plex is a media server application that allows users to organize and manage their digital media files. Plex is available for several platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Now we discuss the pros and cons of Build Your Own Beast Plex Server

Pros of Building Your Plex Server:

There are several reasons why building your Plex server could be advantageous:

  • You would have full control over the software and hardware configuration. This implies that you can modify the server to suit your requirements.
  • You could install Plex on your computer or device, providing added security and convenience.
  • Building your Plex server could save you money in the long run due to reduced costs associated with outsourcing services such as those offered by Plex Cloud or third-party providers.

Cons of Building Your Plex Server:

There are also some potential drawbacks associated with building your Plex server. For example, this process may be difficult if you do not have experience working with software development tools such as Java or Linux Administration. Additionally, the installation process may be time-consuming and tedious – making it difficult to set up the server quickly or easily. Finally, if something were to go wrong with the server, then repairs might be more difficult than if you had opted for an external provider such as Plex Cloud.


Building your own Beast Plex server can be a daunting task, but it can be incredibly rewarding. When you’re finished, you’ll have your powerful media center that can handle any file type and stream content smoothly and efficiently. If you’re interested in trying this project, we’ve gathered all the information you need to get started. Check it out now!

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