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What are the Essentials of Bandana Box Packaging?

A personalized box costs you less but has numerous advantages. Printed bandana boxes are a fantastic choice for presenting high-profile bandanas. Their essential features include the following:

  1. Boxes printed with magnificent portraits of colorful bandanas look very appealing. They help in gaining the attention of the onlookers instantly.
  2. You have the liberty to craft the box in the required style and size.
  3. Bandana packaging is climate-friendly and made of sustainable kraft and cardboard paper.
  4. Moreover, a box printed with the logo of the company and taglines promotes the brand’s name and generates a significant profit.
  5. Finally, they prevent luxurious items from getting harmed and contaminated.

Construction of Bandana Box with Endless Custom Solutions:

After reading through the essentials of custom dog bandana packaging wholesale, you must be speculating whom to contact for the packaging needs of your apparel brand. iCustomBoxes is an unmatchable packaging supplier. Collaborate with us and give a new life to apparel products.

What do we provide as a custom box packaging provider? We offer an abundance of customized options at budget-friendly costs. All of these solutions are given one by one.

1. Select the Style and Size of the Box:

first of all, you have to consider the box’s style. What type of box do you find compatible with the products? It’s alright if you have no idea about how to choose an appropriate one, don’t fret. Our designers will guide you in the selection of an appropriate box style. They do not fail to construct stylish designs of packages. Inform packaging fabricators about the specifications of the products, such as their length, width, size, etc., afterward, and see their magic. Mainly, we offer the following types of boxes for bandana packaging wholesale:

  • bandana box with die-cut style
  • belly bandbox
  • tray and sleeve packaging
  • box with handles
  • tuck front box

Bandana box with die-cuts and window cut out display the charismatic bandanas in front of the audience. The customers can take a sneak peek view of the item. We include a plastic PVC sheet for the windows for the item’s safety.

2. Pick Modern Printing Method:

The charming and alluring prints create eye-grabbing packaging and grab the attention of the onlookers in a moment. We have various substitutes for printing. You can choose whatever is most suitable for you. The digital method is advanced and gets ready prints in significantly less time. It will be an optimal option if you have small quantity prints. On the other hand, offset is apt for large-quantity orders.

In contrast to digital, it is high in budget and consumes a lot of time. We also facilitate customers with no printing option. So, you can decide whatever suits your taste.

3. Sustainable and Climate-Friendly Box Packaging:

The rising threats of global warming have given rise to green packaging. Our company is included in the initials to utilize sustainable measures for climate-friendly packaging. We ensure one hundred percent ecologically friendly services, from printing machines to laminations. We make use of renewable cardboard and kraft paper. They are 100% biodegradable. for the packaging of lightweight bandanas, kraft and cardboard are both appropriate. For safely shipping, you can go with corrugated cardboard.

4. Durable Coatings for Elegant Box Packaging:

Coatings are one of the most vital components of customization. Mostly it is considered that they function as furnishing of the package. The use of laminations gives an extra layer of strength to the box packaging and makes it tolerable for traveling traumas.

5. Captivating Add-Ons and Embellishments for the Adornment of the Box:

Our company offers numerous additional features for beautifying the box. the use of add-ons secures delicate items and provides a dazzling appearance. In add-ons, our options include:

  • inserts: separate the items and counter from the collaboration of the products
  • ribbons:  multi-color ribbons add charm and glitter
  • hang tabs:  they give an efficient display

on the other hand, enhancements and finishings create more alluring and engaging prints. Embossing and debossing highlight the patterns and create vibrant colors.

Why Choose iCustomBoxes?

We have been offering remarkable services at wholesale rates for several years. We provide exclusive discounts on bulk quantity orders. Our company aims at simplifying things for its clients.

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