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Spiti valley, more generally recognized as the coolest of the mountain valleys in the deserts of our country. It is like the doorway to heaven. Endowed with snow-capped mountains, Buddhist refuges, sparkling blue lakes. And fascinating cities, the Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh is the quintessential beauty of the Himalayas. The entire Spiti valley is known for its traditional Himalayan villages. Welcoming locals, horrifying peak views, and monasteries perched atop mountaintops. 


The journey through Spiti Valley takes you closer to endless scenery, ancient world monasteries. Wide flowing rivers, crystal clear blue lakes, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and bright blue skies. Drive along the narrow, rugged highway into the biggest green area. Shangri-La, where you will be treated to a spectacular nature-inspired contrast of lush green pastures against snow-capped mountains and bright blue skies. Spirit’s largest new region, the Pun valley, is surrounded by arid landscapes and uncharted, soaring mountains. 

With a compelling Tibetan culture visible all around the largest overgrown region. This region is famous for being the site of the last surviving Buchen lamas. Of Buddhism’s oldest school, Nyingmapa. Mantras inscribed on sacred stones lying close to gompas (monasteries). These give a spiritual aura to this far-flung lands of Lahaul Spiti Tribal region in Himachal Pradesh. Which borders the Tibetan region Lahaul Spiti Tribal region of Himachal Pradesh. 


Lahaul Spiti is dotted with stunning hermitages, which enliven Tibetan heritage. Fairytale villages soaring above the mountains, and the exotic flora and fauna on the way. Provide fun aspects of trekking through Lahaul and Spiti. The treks of Lahaul and Spiti are must-dos on the bucket plan for trekking enthusiasts. Those who enjoy exploring difficult trails, tall mountain passes, surreal camping sites, and glacial bodies of water. 


The Buddhist monasteries that tower hundreds of feet high, high mountain passes, Chandratal lake. Snow-melting Spiti River flowing across the Spiti Valley, Himalayan wildlife, glaciers, rich traditions, and the public remarkable views of the mountains. All provide a genuine proficiency of the travelers. Which they never forget after the holiday tours in the Spiti Valley. A land halfway between Ladakh and Tibet. The Spiti Valley Tour Package is moreover totaled among the Most Popular Tribal Tour Packages. In Himachal and is moreover totaled.

Most of the people who choose to travel from Manali, 75% of the journey is completed. And they only have to travel about 200 kilometers to get to the valley. 

Now, adventure seekers are looking for new, unspoiled places to explore, and Spiti is becoming a new favorite. With its virgin lakes and some of the world’s highest-inhabited villages, Spiti will leave you with photo-card memories of bleak deserts and perched monasteries precariously on stilts, all against the background of bright blue skies. Spiti is a lightly populated region, always mesmerizing in all aspects, a place that takes your breath away. 

About Spiti

In the Spiti valley, every mountain, a perilous route, and an innocent villager has his or her story of a carved mountain. Glacial streams run down the barren, eerily colored hills into the Spiti river, down along the way, on small patches of oasis and verdant land, tiny villages live with their grand monasteries. 

En route from Kaza, at the charmingly placed Kibber village, perched atop a rocky ridge, looking out over the winding River Pi, is Kye Monastery, Spiti Valleys’ largest monastery. Kye monastery is Spitis largest and highest (13.504 feet) monastery, with its current hierarchies dating back to the 13th century. 

Sitting almost 4,112m above the valley floor in Kaza, the Key Monastery proposes a beautiful view over the Spiti river, thus providing great opportunities for sightseeing. One of the oldest sites of Spiti valley, the Tabo Monastery is also one of the main tourist attractions in the Spiti valley. The breathtaking views over the Spiti-Pin River Confluence and canyons beneath bring for an unmatched spot for meditation in Tabo. 

Nearby Trips

The trip up to Hampta Pass Chandratal is an excellent Himalayan rhapsody for novices looking to get their feet wet before committing themselves to more adventurous meeting conflicts. The Lahaul and Spiti shimmer with an abundance of natural beauty between June to mid-October, with sultry weather and crystal clear skies. The sheer splendor of this area in that period is the stuff of lifelong memories for hikers. 

The Himalayan Homestays proposal requests travelers the chance to get an insight into the Spiti experience at traditional homes located in Langza, Kaumik, Demul, Lhalung, and Dhankar villages. 

The best solace to visit Spiti

Between late June and mid-September, high snow-bound passes stay open and temperatures are alluring sufficient for two or three hours without a sweater. Expect common snowfall spans toward the stop of October directly through to Spring. Winters, notwithstanding, occur cruel with most places out of reach thanks to plentiful snow. Spiti becomes out of reach from the Manali side moreover the street through Kinnaur stops open through most parts of the year. Chandratal becomes distant from the two sides as the high passes are overwhelmed.

Things to communicate

Start not to stress over-pressing woolens, there’s always another layer you could compel around nighttime here.


Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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