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Want the best video editing app for Android? The Top 4 names!! 

The search results that you were sent to must have included some of the top names if you were looking for the best video editing app for Android. However, credibility does occasionally become a problem, even with the largest names. Additionally, not every programme can meet the demands you may have for your mobile device’s video editor.

So some questions might arrive in your mind, such as what are the things that I need to look into while I am choosing an app? What are the features that are must to be there in the app? All these things will be discussed in the article.

Read up well and figure out which of this software you can download. 

What to check out before choosing the revising app?

  • What are the first thing that needs to be looked at – Ease in terms of usage 

The user friendliness of any application or software always brings a positive feedback towards it. If the customers or users find that using the software is very easy and it makes their work simple as well, they will look no further to any other alternatives.

  • The second important factor is – Editing Tools that are provided by the app 

If the app that you are searching claims to be the best video editing app for Android – then it is important to check it’s features. The features that should be updated as per other competitors. As you know already, a variety of software is there available on online platforms. So if the software or application that the user is working is updated with all features, the user will definitely choose to work on it.

  • The third important factor is – what Reviews the users have left 

There’s nothing better than customer testimonials when reviewing software. Read through the customer listings and figure out if the concerned users are satisfied with the working process of this software. The easiest working process is what all user desires while using any application. And thus they leaves reviews accordingly. So before downloading and working on any app, try to find how good it is reviewed by other users.

Do these apps match the standards? 

Now that you have read what could be the probable demands from software – how about getting to note some of those apps that claim to be the best video editing apps for Android?

  • KineMaster 

This is one of the best tools till date in the online portals. You can see a lot of Youtube videos that are having a watermark named as Kinemaster below as a banner. The tool has more than 2500 features to use and make your videos and audio clips, with options of cropping, mixing and fixing videos and audios together.

Why should you use it?

The software is very easy to use. Any user can easily handle and use the application without any problem. The kinemaster tool also help to put musics and videos in it. Make and share the videos easily on any social media platforms with the help of this. There are also options of removing watermark but that needs the user to have subscription. 

What are they working on? 

  • This is an advanced revising tool – so it does get a bit difficult with beginners trying to catch up 
  • VivaVideo 

Another contender to the title of – the best video editing app for Android – this VivaVideo software, is curated for basic learners – but is also suitable for usage with elderly learners. Rest assured – you will not be disappointed to try your hand here! 


The reason of using this could be that it is comprehensive in nature – with special effects, stickers, animations, integrated slow-mo video operator . There are Multiple resolutions that are available – ranging from the resolution of 780p to 1080p and up to the 4k – with maximum benefit accorded to short video creation 

What are they working on? 

The only area where they have to work is – their updates. The updates create issues for the users. 

  • Quik 

The majority of the changes made in this free rescripting tool happen automatically, though customisation is possible. The fact that this software allows themes to sync with the rhythms is perhaps one of its most notable features!


The reasons are discussed here: How many images and videos can you include in the editing process? The answer is just 75. Additionally, you should be informed that it provides 100% backup capabilities.

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Also you should know that before presenting the image, the video can have its range of motion and shape correctly adjusted.

What are they working on? 

The basic problem is the limited time. This keeps the videos on the storage (the cloud) for a specific period and hence rescripting after that point of time is not allowed 

  • FimoraGo 

The tool is very advanced in nature. You should choose this since it has one of the top reviews in the Google Play Store and maintains its position as the best video editing app for Android. Various features are available and it is also as good as other competitors. 

This supports a wide range of international languages such as – Korean, Turkish, Italian, French, and Spanish, to name a few. What’s more? In the PRO version – the templates used are of the highest quality. 

What are they working on? – 

The horizontal timeline can be a little problem for some. 

Also, at times you may feel that there are too many tools and they are not organized enough.

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Have you made your choice? 

This article has outlined some of the basic features that you must consider while determining the best video editing app for Android. Some user looks for the easy process of working, whereas other looks for the high resolution of saving their creations. Keeping in mind all the factors, this article is been developed. Now, you can carefully evaluate the factors and then make your choice. 

#A piece of advice – An immediate start can be downloading the trial versions of the software and using them. The hands-on testing will make decision-making easier for you. 

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