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9 Tile Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Choosing tile design is one of the most exciting aspects of remodeling a bathroom. Whether you want to go for a timeless subway tile or want to make a statement with a large-scale bathroom tile, there are innumerable possibilities. Choosing professional Bathroom Tilers in Melbourne and a perfect tile design is necessary because it can completely revive the design and feel of your bathroom.

Bathroom Tilers in Melbourne

If you are on the lookout to remodel your bathroom, here are the nine gorgeous tile designs to get inspired:

1. Pebble Tiles

Want to choose bathroom tiles that will make your space feel like a spa and give your feet a light massage each time you use the shower? We’ve got the perfect tile design for this. You can choose a pebble tile design which is a chic pebble tile flooring with minimalist style. This tile design is an on-trend and fantastic way to give your bathroom some texture while keeping a fresh, clean, and timeless aesthetic.

2. Starburst Tile Design

Choosing the stardust tile design can help you achieve an ideal balance of a modern and fashionable bathroom. You may ask your bathroom tile installer and interior designer to collaborate and experiment with the shower and floor tiles and produce an excellent design with this starburst pattern by leaving the walls and the vanity plain and neutral. Combining stardust tile design with neutral coloured walls can make your bathroom appear spacious and more open by pulling the shower tiles through to the floor.

3. Ceiling to Floor Tiles

Gone are the days when interior designers used to design ceilings and floors with different tiles. Modern interior designers choose one design for both floor and ceiling. Pulling your tile up to the ceiling is a great way to give your bathroom an elevated look and feel. To achieve this look, the Bathroom Tilers in Melbourne use the standard subway tiles with black grout. Black grout lines draw attention and are most effective at creating a focal point in a spacious bathroom.

4. Graphic Tiles

If you want your bathroom to have an attention-grabbing appearance, graphic tile can be the best resort. You can upgrade your bathroom’s look with a graphic tile design to give it a new look and feel. The Bathroom Tilers in Melbourne say that graphic tiles are known to change the appearance of an area, even if you merely alter the floor or backsplash. It may also help if you add this tile design to one particular portion of your bathroom.

5. Large Tiles

Large tiles require fewer grout lines, which gives the impression that a bathroom is more extensive. These tiles are a good option for a smaller bathroom because of the bigger size; the larger tiles give an illusion of larger space. Also, the bathroom and Kitchen Tilers in Melbourne suggest using larger tiles if you want to give your bathroom a spacious look. A Complete Guide to Enterprise Platform Core Functions.

6. Mosaic Tile Design

The mosaic tile design stands out more among the trendy and spacious tiles because of its delicate, classic, and elegant design. It can be used in the shape of puzzles. When redesigning a bathroom, it can be utilised as a finishing touch for other decorative elements or as a background wall covering a sizable space.

7. Vertical Design

If you want to go for the latest look, vertical tile design is the answer for you. Tiles that get installed vertically look contemporary and reflect novelty. It can create a great contrast between the smooth, smoky-grey-coloured stone slabs and uneven surfaces of the rectangular wall tiles and may look remarkable. Plus, installing dark lighting may add a gritty tone to your bathroom, giving it a luxurious vibe.

8. Black and White

Black and white design is a classic strategy to upgrade the look of a bathroom. According to the bathroom and kitchen tilers in Melbourne, it is a basic yet luxurious-looking tile design. An eye-catching line of demarcation for the shower of your bathroom can be created by vertical white tile, contrasting sharply with the surrounding black bathroom walls.

9. Dark tiles

Rich, dramatic black tile design can give your bathroom a beautiful look that will reflect the appearance of a wider space. Black tiles can be used on the floor or the wall, but to prevent your bathroom from looking too dark or dreary, use a contrasting hue for the other parts of the space. To maintain a balanced look, you can avoid using too many dark tiles by adding a few not too dark or not too light colored tiles in other parts of your bathroom.

In a Nutshell,

With the availability of so many options, choosing the right tile design can be tricky, especially if you want it precisely according to the interior of your home. If you have some ideas, it may help you find the right choice hassle-free. But, everyone is not an expert, so doing research always stands beneficial. You can consider the options mentioned above, make your choice and give your bathroom a fantastic look soon!

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