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Visible Signs of Water Damage in your Home

Water damage is not an easy dilemma to manage. It is a huge hazard which can move the foundations of your property significantly. And mostly, it comes to recognition quite late, which simple makes water damage restoration a little difficult, time-consuming and obviously, more expensive too.

It is usually assumed that water damage only happens to old homes. But that is not true. It can happen to new homes as well, if the drainage system is not installed accurately.

According to studies and research, it is stated time and again, that more than 90% of the water damage issues can be avoided, if the system is maintained properly.

The major issue is that people usually overlook the visible signs of water damage. They only require a professional water damage restoration, when the dilemma surpasses largely. Thus, having some knowledge about how to detect damage, is important.

To help you in this regard, we have listed some visible signs of water damage that you can easily pick on and get the issue resolved before it grows to be a huge one.

Dark Spots:

If your ceiling or some areas of your ceiling are discoloring, then it is a visible sign of water damage. This can happen to both the interior and exterior of the house. These watermarks begin gradually but when left unaddressed, tend to grow with time. They usually get dark and extremely visible.

Cracked Ceilings or Walls:

Water damage gets quite evident through cracks in walls and ceilings. You will notice that the paint starts to bubble, flake or crack. People usually do not attend to this issue. And this is where they give room for water damage to grow.

Unexpected Increase in Utility Bills:

If your water usage has not increased but your utility bill has boosted a lot; then there is an internal water leakage that is going unnoticed. Hidden leaks are extremely hard to detect. Thus, it is best to call an expert and get the internal water system checked properly.

Damp Smell:

Damp smells are a huge indicator of water damage. If your house or a corner of your house smells like mold or damp; there is possibility of water damage. Moreover, damp smells are quite strong. They do not go unnoticed. Thus, if you smell it, it is best not to overlook the issue. Call an expert and get the issue resolved before it gets more complicated.


If a puddle of water appears out of nowhere, even after you have cleaned the area; then getting your system checked is important. This indicates a water leakage.


If you suspect that there is water damage in your home, then addressing the dilemma right away is important. Call a professional right away to evaluate your system properly. Addressing these dilemmas on time is extremely important as they grow to become more complicated and require more time and money to be fixed.

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