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Upcoming winter dresses for women

Pakistan’s fashion is evolving over the year meanwhile, keeping its cultural values and traditions intact. Designers and clothing brands now strive to produce the trendiest and high-quality unstitched dresses and ready-to-wear dresses that are fit for all kinds of events. With every new season, everyone wants to try out the latest fashion styles for themselves and be the first ones to make a statement. This leads all clothing brands to design unique clothes every season.

As the winter season is just about to arrive, we all must start thinking of ways to upgrade our wardrobes. This article will help you transform your closet to have the latest and most
fashionable winter dresses for ladies at your disposal.

The winter season is quite short-lived but you can make the most out of it this year with these trendy upcoming winter dresses for women. It can be a little tricky as to where to buy your winter clothes since there are numerous brands and stores in the market now. Firstly you need to figure out what’s trending in the current season.

When it comes to eastern wear, you can spot mostly khaddar suits, marina, linen dresses,
velvet, karandi and silk. You can buy either unstitched khaddar suits, or be creative with your designs. Or you could also go for printed winter linen dresses this year. This was all in brief about fabrics. Now, what about the colours, prints and cuts? Go for bold prints, and any colour that you like, preferably pastels and even dark tones would do. Go for straight cuts, loose cuts, baggy styles, and long dresses and add versatility to your style.

Khaddar story

The winter season in Pakistan is all about comfy and cosy khaddar dress designs. From older women to middle-aged women, and young and aspiring ladies, you can see everyone donning these beautifully printed or embroidered ladies’ khaddar suit. The best thing about a khaddar dress is that you will always look a little more dressed up than your usual look due to the fabric’s fall and dense texture.

You can always go for a printed 2-piece khaddar suit for your office look for a more refined and polished look. Meanwhile, you can rock that look with an embroidered 3-piece khaddar suit at a lunch party or hi-tea with friends. Check out the latest unstitched khaddar collection at Khaadi, Sapphire, Orient, Ethnic, Kayseria, and Beech Tree. The entire collection of unstitched and stitched khaddar suits is spot on for your everyday-wear needs and formal wear too.

Linen Love

Next in line come the winter linen dresses. If you are all for wrinkles and an effortless look,
then this winter your closet should have plenty of these.

The current trend of 2022-23 is all about small prints such as minute floral linen dresses,
checkered or striped. The coordinated matching separates have now taken a new turn. There is a shift from solids to a completely printed head-to-toe look. With unstitched linen suits, you can create your unique designs and cuts with varying lengths of shirt lower styles and necklines. Leading brands like Nishat, Khaadi, Sapphire, Sana Safinaz and Alkaram have a great collection of linen suits that are ideal for all kinds of occasions.

Our favourite picks for you!

Well, now that all of you are aware of the trends of winter 2022, now let’s see a few of our
favourite articles that we have our eyes set on. We are sure that after reading about these
winter hot trends, you’d be very tempted to buy them too.

Myreen by Orient

This year Orient has outdone itself with a splendid collection of unstitched khaddar and linen suits for ladies. We have seen ladies buy them in bundles for themselves and their friends too. Not only are the prints trendy, but the quality of the fabric is also outstanding. The printed khaddar collection is just perfect for everyday wear, and a casual yet chic look, whereas the embroidered 2 and 3-piece khaddar suit are equally admirable for a semi-formal look.

So if you’re looking for a trendy outfit to wear to your next bbq dinner party, head over to orient and buy a dress from their winter collection Myreen which is all about colours, and prints of 2022.

Ethnic’s “Very Peri”

We are head over heels for ethnic’s casual yet quirky ready-to-wear winter collection called
“very peri”. The collection features very fiery yet subtle prints on 2 piece khaddar suit. They
have included the two top trends of the year, solids and printed coordinating sets. If you are in the mood for minimal dressing, then you can simply pick their solid-dyed khaddar two-piece suits from this collection and just add some accessories to spice up the look. For a playful and rather lively look, opt for the print-on-print ladies’ khaddar suit.

The best part about this collection is you can dress up or down in one of these outfits as per the occasion and still look fresh and on top of your fashion game!

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