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Paintbox: Five different styles of nail art to apply this winter.

As the winter season is about to knock at the door, it’s a chance to restyle yourself. Personal styling is what makes a person who they are. Nails play a huge part in setting the narrative of one’s style. Any nail art tutorial is only a click away these days. However, with accessibility comes a superfluous choice. For a newbie, this can get very overwhelming and keep them from exploring the world of nail art altogether.

To ease into the world of nail art, a unified platform with all the required supplies is very helpful. One such platform is Paintbox. It offers a wide variety of nontoxic nail paints that can help people kick-start their nail art journey. Visit the official Paintbox website and look out for the Paintbox sale happening year-round. Listed below are five nail art styles that people can try this winter:

French Tips:

Starting with this classic look, french tips are very easy to do. This style of nail a The clean, simple yet feminine look of french tips is unbeatable. It includes putting a thin, bright layer of white nail polish at the top of each nail tip. To give it an extra edge, apply a transparent upper coat over the french tips.

This makes the nails look shiny and healthy. French tips are easily the chicest styles to try out there. Paintbox offers a wide variety of nontoxic nail paints to use for nail art styles. Check out the official Paintbox website and avail yourself of Paintbox discount codes to save some extra money.

Chrome Dust:

Chrome dust is the new cool kid on the block in the nail art world. Chrome nails have been all the hype these days with popular celebrities like Hailey Beiber showcasing them. Now dip a nail brush in the chrome powder and gently rub it in the nail.

This will leave a shiny metallic finish on each nail giving it chic chrome realness. Proceed to dust off the extra chrome dust from the finger and finish off with a top coat. This nail art style will make people look super stylish with the minimum amount of effort. Shop from the wide selection of nail paints that Paintbox has to offer. Avail of the Paintbox coupon codes to save some extra cash.

3D Nails:

This is a fairly new trend that came up during the Y2K craze recently. It involves putting 3D stickers on your nails. Start by painting your nails in the desired colours. While the paint is drying, take this time to choose your stickers. Once the paint is dry, pick each sticker up with a pair of forceps and place them carefully in the desired position. Wait for the stickers to stick completely and finish the look off with a transparent top coat. Paintbox houses a plethora of non-toxic nail paints which people can buy at reasonable prices. To do so avail of Paintbox promo codes available on the official website.


Another classic, there is no going wrong with a solid nude nail art look. The best thing about the nude nail art style is that it goes well with any outfit. Nude nail art gives an extremely chic and clean look. If one wants to look well put together and effortless, nude nails are the way to go. The most common misconception about nude nail paint is that there are only a few shades. From pink and brown undertones to beige undertones, there is a lot to it. Paintbox offers a wide variety of diverse nontoxic nail paints for people to choose from. Head onto the official Paintbox website to check out the Paintbox offers for the best deals on non-toxic nail paints. 


But when done right, they can add quirk and funk to your outfit. Rather the ultimate accessory since they are so easy to do and look so good. Graphic nails would never fall short of options when it comes to nail styling. One can go all out when experimenting with this style of nail art. Graphic nail art is the best way to channel your inner artist. Take the liberty of experimenting with several colours, different shapes, patterns and motifs. Norani offers an eclectic collection of nontoxic nail paints. Look out for Paintbox deals to save a pretty penny. 

Earlier, the common notion around nail art was that one needs to have super long nails in different shapes. But with the rise of the internet age, there are many resources available on every topic. Self-expression is a foolproof way to self-heal and grow. Nail art comes out to be one great opportunity through which one can express, and represent their likes. Nail art has been an important part of fashion for the longest time.

This is understandable because nails can truly make or break an outfit. Nail art requires more talent, patience and creativity than people give it credit. Winter fashion isn’t as diverse and the possibility of experimentation is way lower. Which gives a reason why winter becomes the time to style anyone’s nails. Use Paintbox coupons to get affordable nail paints. Start building your nail art kit with affordable supplies and be a baddie on a budget!

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