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Trends in Digital Content for 2023: The Future of Content Marketing

Content marketing, let’s face it, is here to stay. Bill Gates forecast this in his essay “Content is King” from 1996.

But which kind of content reigns supreme in the world of digital marketing?

Nine out of ten consumers, according to Visionary Web Studios, prefer to watch more brand videos for services and products. It is impossible to overstate the value of video production for your Tampa-area company.

Explainer videos, culture videos, and brand-focused social media reels will continue to dominate digital marketing despite changing trends in content marketing. It’s time to learn more about the trends in digital content for 2023 if you’re updating your brand or content marketing strategy to include more high-quality videos.

An outstanding provider of content creation is Visionary Web Studios. We are experts in a variety of formats, including 3D animation, video production, and photography. We understand that content creation for the future starts right now in addition to keeping up with current trends in digital content.

What you should know is as follows.

Content marketing: What is it?

Any marketing campaign’s beating heart is content marketing. In a nutshell, it’s the “marketing” or promotion of content produced by or for a company.

Content marketing often uses things like blog posts, videos, infographics, images, and audio clips. You can find these things on digital channels like search engines, social media, YouTube, and podcasts.

It can be intimidating to consider producing more content to follow current trends in content marketing. Yes, there are more than 440 million blogs right now, and more are being made every day.

Marketers advise personalizing your content with distinctive experiences to stand out from the crowd of competing information.

With the aid of expert video production, Visionary Web Studios can assist you in sharing a brand story or a personal experience. We can guide you through each step of the video production process, whether your content strategy calls for TikTok videos, YouTube shorts, or explainer videos.

In What Ways Will Content Marketing Change In The Future

Meta: Your content marketing strategy should focus on informing and entertaining your audience about your key goods and services.

While the future of content marketing is unknown, video and photo production won’t fade away.

70% of marketers claimed that video is the main type of digital content they consume in 2021. When information is shown visually, it is easier to understand.

The following content marketing trends will help the development of digital marketing continue to progress:

Mobile content, customer-focused content, and visual content

updated information

Tracking content, interactive

We’ll go into more detail about each of these sections below.

Visual Materials

Visual content can be pictures or movies that outline your product or brand’s history. This style of digital content is very popular right now, and it often goes along with a good user experience.

Video dominates the digital content trend right now and isn’t going anywhere, from YouTube to TikTok. Media uploads increased by 80% in 2020 (the first full year of the pandemic).

Visionary Web Studios makes sure that a photo or video shoot is done professionally and that stunning images are delivered. Our love of working together enables us to produce something wholly original for your project.

We work with advertising agencies, internal marketing teams, and many Tampa Bay and international companies.

The digital video production services team at Visionary Web Studios can help you with any type of video content you require, whether it’s for motion graphics, YouTube, commercials, or social media.

Adaptive Content

Mobile content will continue to be central to content marketing in the future. The fact that more than 60% of Google searches are made from mobile devices is not surprising. Therefore, it is important to promote content on mobile devices.

Consider the possibility that a customer’s first encounter with your content on a mobile device will be their first impression of your company.

Consumer-Focused Content

High-quality content is built on a knowledge of your audience and their needs. Although the trends in digital marketing may change over time, your top priority should always be to create content with your audience in mind.

An informative video or practical infographic can address the issues or needs of your customers. This is a fantastic way to engage your audience and inform them that you have what they are looking for.

Current Content

Optimization of historical data will become more and more crucial. The term “historical optimization” refers to updating outdated content. The intention is to refresh outdated content and make it pertinent once more so that it can drive even more traffic and conversions than it already does.

Interactive Materials

Quizzes, discussion boards, calculators, and 360-degree videos are a few examples of interactive content that can engage your target audience.

Interactive content engages and maintains the attention of both potential and existing customers, as evidenced by the future of content marketing. A great content strategy is to incorporate video into interactive content.

According to marketer Neal Schaffer, consultant & speaker on digital/social media strategy, content marketing, influencer marketing, & LinkedIn, over 80% of people prefer watching videos to reading blogs. The production of Q&A videos and video clips from webinars are both excellent examples of interactive content.

Monitoring Content

Since more than ten years ago, cookies and online privacy have been hot topics. The trends in content marketing and data privacy are changing quickly. Currently, you can monitor a variety of content metrics, including social shares, organic traffic, and conversions. However, this will alter in the future, so be sure to anticipate this development.

The future of content marketing is zero-party data. Users who voluntarily provided their interests and preferences in exchange for a subscription, download, or anything else the customer deemed valuable are included in this data.

Additionally, Google Analytics 4 needs to be on your radar. In Google Analytics 4, first-party cookies are used. This keeps them in compliance with recent privacy laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In order to close some of the data gaps, Google Analytics was developed to make use of machine learning and other protocols. “Blended data” is what Google refers to.

“Because the technological landscape is constantly changing, the new Analytics is made to be flexible enough to work with or without cookies or other identifiers in the future. It employs a flexible method of measurement. In the future, will incorporate modeling to close any gaps left by possibly unreliable data. This means that as you navigate the recovery and face uncertainty in the future. You can rely on Google Analytics to help you measure your marketing results and satisfy customer needs.

Photographic and Video Content Specialists

Are you prepared to produce expert visual content now that the direction of content marketing and digital content trends for 2023 are clear?

With the aid of our video and photography content experts, we can help you reach your target audience regardless of the size of your business, your industry, or your budget.

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