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The Ultimate 2022 Guide To Profitable Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads

Do you want to expand your target audience and reel in more customers? Do you want to earn more profit? Then you have to build a strategy to reach more people. One of these strategies is Amazon Sponsored brand ads.

Sponsored brand advertisements cater to the middle of your advertising funnel. In this section, you will find customers who are familiar with your product category but aren’t quite ready to buy from you. They want to buy something from that particular category. Here’s where sponsored brand advertisements come into play. They will help customers find your products and raise brand awareness. As your potential customer moves further down the funnel, this will increase conversions. 

Thanks to sponsored brand ads, customers can find your products in the most prominent locations on Amazon. This will help you build brand recognition and attract new clients. 

What Are Amazon Sponsored Brands?

“Sponsored brand” is made to make your brand more visible to customers looking to buy similar items. These ads, which feature your company’s logo, a distinctive headline, and various products, appear in Amazon search results. This ad targets not only your already tapped marketing but the untapped market as well. It’s a great way to expand your market.

How Do Sponsored Brand Ads Function? 

Sponsored Brands ads are a PPC advertising method, just like Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display ads, so you’ll compete with other sellers on various keywords to get your potential customer’s attention. Both your bids for each keyword and the daily budget for each campaign are under your control as the seller. 

You can select from different ad formats when using Sponsored Brands: Products collection, store spotlight, and videos.

·         Product Collection

With the Product Collection ad type, you can choose a landing page and target up to three products from your brand. That is the platform’s saying that you can direct visitors to a landing page specifically for your branded ads or your own personal Amazon storefront. 

The product collection is a fantastic choice if you want to promote products in your brand that are underrepresented in sponsored or organic advertising. You can include a successful product in the mix to improve the likelihood that someone will click through your advertisement. 

·         Store Spotlight

Only brand-registered sellers with their own storefronts can use this subsequent ad type.

You can direct traffic to Store Spotlight, which is essentially your own e-commerce website on the marketplace. The customer will only see your brand. There won’t be any advertisements displayed on your Storefront. 

Store Spotlight is excellent for businesses that offer a wide range of goods in numerous categories or subcategories. 

·         Videos:

Brands that sponsor videos Ads video content makes your product stand out in the search results. Video ads are distinctive and can give you a significant advantage over your rivals. 

Who Is Eligible To Use Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads? 

Vendors may use Amazon Sponsored Brands and qualified sellers who are members of the platform’s Brand Registry and have access to international shipping. 

What Conditions Must Be Met Before Starting A Sponsored Brands Campaign? 

You must have a minimum of 3 products registered in your Amazon Advertising Central account before you can launch a Sponsored Brands campaign. One thousand keywords can be used in each campaign, and a maximum of 100 ads can be created. 

Sponsored Brands do not support adult categories, used goods, or refurbished products. 

Is Amazon Sponsored Brands Something You Should Use? 

It’s a common misconception that Sponsored Brands are only used for upper-funnel advertising. And it’s accurate! They work well to increase brand recognition on the platform. 

But it’s still a good idea to invest in Sponsored Brands if you’re at the point in your eCommerce journey where you’re only concerned with growing sales and profitability.

In some instances, sponsored brands outperform sponsored products partly due to their high CTR. 

Sponsored Brands may also be a more persuasive way to attract new customers because they offer richer content options. The ability to guide customers to stores improves the shopping experience and guides potential customers to the one Amazon location where your rivals cannot buy ad space. And that will probably lead to more conversions. 

What Distinguishes Sponsored Brands From Sponsored Products? 

·         Sponsored Products:

You can direct traffic to your product listings on the platform by using Sponsored Products, which are PPC advertisements. With Sponsored Products, you can accomplish various objectives and track your progress. 

·         Sponsored Brands: 

You only pay for sponsored brand ads when a customer clicks on them. However, because they are more prominent than sponsored product ads, these advertisements have a higher CPC (cost per click). 

Where Can I Find The Platform’s Sponsored Brands? 

Sponsored Brand placements come in 3 varieties: 

  1. On the first page of the search results
  2. To the left of the filter panel, below 
  3. At the page’s bottom

Why Use Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads?

The use of Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads has many advantages. You can raise your brand recognition and revenue by properly utilizing these ads as a Seller. 

Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads have a number of advantages, including: 

·         Increasing brand recognition: 

For sales to remain steady, brand recognition is crucial. Brand-loyal customers can do a lot to spread the word about products. You have a better chance of luring potential customers to click on the Sponsored Brand ad and be taken to your Storefront or landing page by using a Sponsored Brand ad to display your brand logo. 

·         A Marketing Strategy For The Upper Funnel:

Such a marketing tool can aid in the marketplace’s upper-funnel marketing. Raising brand awareness includes using upper-funnel marketing for those who don’t know. If you want to improve your marketing, you can hire an amazon marketing services agency in USA too. They will develop various marketing strategies for you to improve your profits.

Using Sponsored Brands will allow you to accomplish the same. Consistently seeing your brand name can encourage customers to check out your business on it because such ads frequently appear in, below, or on top of search results. 

·         Bring In New Clients: 

You can Reach out to your intended target market as they browse. This is an amazing and successful strategy for boosting sales. A lot can be done to introduce your brand to new people and persuade them to give you a try by having your advertisement appear in their search results.


Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads can help sellers expand their customer base, foster greater brand loyalty, and boost sales. However, employing such a marketing tool effectively can be challenging. Overall, it is still a great way to earn more profit.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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