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Top skills recruiters look for customer support service jobs in the Philippines

With over 1 million Filipinos employed in the industry, the Philippines is the global leader in customer care call center support. A large portion of the young people living here are bilingual in Tagalog and English, the two official languages of the nation. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly, and customer focused. Its time zone and holiday schedule make it the perfect place to meet consumers’ demands for round-the-clock service. Employees in call centers jobs in the Philippines take great delight in representing their company. The top skills that recruiters look for customer support jobs are as follows:

The ability to laugh

This can improve the quality of a potentially tense customer service encounter. A customer will enjoy it if you laugh along with her when she makes a foolish joke. Make careful, nevertheless, that you never make fun of a client, even if they make a mistake or have a problem. Instead, have a joke with your clients.

● problem-solving skills

● social abilities

● Possibility of Stress Tolerance

Exercise of Responsibility

This is a significant aspect of working in customer service, and it includes being able to express regret for a delayed shipment or a subpar product. Even if the issue was not your fault, you must be able to honestly apologize to a customer on behalf of your business. A customer feels better almost usually after hearing an apology.

● Approachability

● Humility

● Active Hearing

● Integrity

Empathy: Reiterating the Customer’s Comments Back to Them

It’s critical to comprehend both what customers say and how they feel. Understanding and being able to identify a person’s emotional condition is a crucial soft skill. Consider yourself in the shoes of the customer if you find it difficult to demonstrate empathy. What would you think? How do you want to be handled? What would you think if you experienced the same issue as the client? These inquiries will enable you to connect with and better serve your clients.

● Intelligence in Emotions

● Active Compassionate Listening

● Life Lessons

● Open-mindedness

● Encouragement

Conflict resolver

Be imaginative. You’ll frequently need to come up with solutions that meet the demands of a particular client. Help a customer get more assistance if you are unable to provide a solution that meets their needs. If necessary, elevate the situation to a different person who can handle it. Verify that the issue has been fixed by following up with the customer. Customers will value your concern for their issues and your readiness to assist them in whatever manner. Conflict resolution skills examples include:

● Mediation Facilitation

● Accountability

● Negotiation Diplomacy

● Intelligence in Emotions

Transparent Communication

Customer service requires clear communication. You must be aware of the needs of the client and be able to explain how you can meet those needs. These abilities are crucial for conversation over the phone as well. Use good language and spelling when communicating with consumers by email or writing and pick words and phrases that reflect a positive attitude.

● Positive Communication Verbal Communication

● Written Communication

● Intelligence in Emotions

Listening Skills

Communication skills are crucial, but so are listening skills. Customers should be carefully listened to so you can determine exactly what they need and how you can assist them. Show via your actions and body language that you are paying attention. Making the customer feel heard is a crucial component of providing excellent customer service. Don’t cut off consumers when you’re on the phone, and attentively address all of their inquiries.

● Nonverbal Communication

● Open-mindedness

● Courtesy

● Insightful Questions

● Learning to Listen


Any company’s competitive advantage has always been and will continue to be its focus on customer service. The most prosperous businesses today understand how to deliver first-rate customer service that exceeds expectations without having to spend top market prices.

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