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Top apps for listening music

Millions of songs in the palm of your hand, no storage woes and you don’t even have to pay that’s the promise of the best free music apps. The only tricky part is deciding which streaming service is most worthy of your time. But don’t fret, we’re here to help


-Pandora has a radio service that is personalized for each listener based on their past reactions to artists and albums.

-You can also create stations around a particular artist or song as well as bookmark particular tracks, albums, or artists for future listens in an archive called My Music.

Apple Music:

-Apple Music comes with a three-month trial period, which can be extended to your entire 30-day free trial before charging a $9.95 monthly fee for the service.

-The service is integrated with iTunes and other Apple devices. It also has a Beats 1 live radio station, which broadcasts music in real time.

-The Apple Music app is free to download, but requires an active subscription of $9.99 per month (which gets rid of ads) or $14.99 per month for the family plan that allows up to six people to listen on up to 10 different devices at the same time (which also gets rid of ads).


-Tidal’s HiFi subscription service lets you download music at a higher quality than what the app streaming service on other platforms provides.

-It allows you to listen to music at a higher bit rate and save your downloaded songs locally on your phone or tablet.

-You can also listen to Tidal via web browser or mobile apps.

Spotify offered a free trial of three months for its premium service in September 2015, but this offer is no longer available. Spotify still offers a free Spotify Premium tier, which lets you listen ad-free while using the free version of the app and unlimited free skips on their Unlimited tier, which is no longer offered.

All the apps above are available for download in Google Play Store.

SoundCloud Go:

SoundCloud is a platform that lets users upload and share their own recordings online. Sounds can then be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, anytime. SoundCloud Go is the new and improved version of SoundCloud that has hundreds of new features, improvements in sound quality, and a superior user experience.

Soundcloud was originally founded as a way for musicians to easily upload tracks for their friends to listen to or download for free. But now with SoundCloud Go, it’s possible for anyone with an internet connection to listen in on emerging artists from all over the world — not just those who are signed up with the major labels and studios. Downloading tunes from the web has never been easier than with MP3 juice.

YouTube Music:

SoundCloud Go is the new, high quality version of the platform that was launched in mid 2016. The launch of this service was announced through a YouTube video narrated by David Guetta, who asked listeners to imagine what could happen next for the music industry. The subsequent launch coincides with SoundCloud’s redesign of its site, which includes its new SoundCloud Go. SoundCloud has launched SoundCloud Go as a free service aimed at giving fans access to artists worldwide.

As mentioned before, it is possible for anyone to have free access to lots of music from all over the world – they just need an internet connection and an account at their favorite audio sharing platform like SoundCloud or YouTube.

Google Play Music:

Google Play Music is an audio streaming application from Google. It is a subscription-based service for personalized music and video streaming.

“By providing a simple, easy to use interface targeted at the mainstream market, we’re hoping to give you access to as much of the music you love as you want – no matter where it’s released or who released it.”

Google Play Music was launched in 2011 with its first major feature being the integration of SoundCloud tracks into playlists.


Spotify is a music and podcast subscription application which allows users to listen online or on mobile devices utilizing social media sharing features and an option to share playlists through Facebook and Twitter.

Amazon Prime Music:

Amazon Prime Music is a program that lets you listen to free music, and playlists. Amazon Prime customers get unlimited, ad-free access to an online catalog of 2 million songs, as well as daily curated playlists in a selection of genres.

A major feature of the application is its personalized recommendations from the Amazon Music team and direct integration with Amazon’s retail and recommendation services.

Apple Music: Apple Music is a desktop and application software service developed by Apple Inc. Users select music to stream to their device on-demand or they can utilize iTunes Radio which is a streaming radio service that customizes stations based on a user’s musical taste.

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