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Top social media platforms to use in 2020

Recently, social media has been an integral part of our lives. Many people have started using the Internet to chat with their friends and share articles or pictures. Social media is also used by many companies and brands in order to advertise their products. One thing that used to be a struggle for businesses was creating content on social media in order to grow their audience and get more traffic.

As of 2020, many different platforms will pop up that are focused on bringing users that fit a brand’s target audience together. This allows companies to reach new demographics while they still maintain the status quo of their previous Facebook presence.


Although Instagram was launched in 2010, it really gained popularity around 2012. Since then, it has often been compared to Facebook. It is a photo-sharing social network that allows users to share pictures with friends and followers. Using Imginn you can easily download Instagram photos and videos.


Pinterest is a website that allows people to post pictures of their interests and follow the pins of their favorite businesses and brands. It also features ‘boards’ where users can pin the types of things they like most, such as home décor or fashion trends. Pinterest advertising based on interests is becoming more popular because people want to get recommendations from people who are similar to them, rather than products they may have never heard of before.


YouTube is a video sharing site that allows users to create and share videos on their website. This can be done through uploading videos, creating playlists, and commenting on other users’ projects. YouTube advertising focuses on what you’re into; this is why there are so many viral videos created by people with small channels. People watch advertisements to see what they might like to buy or do in the future.

The most important factor of social media success is Facebook, so we have listed the most popular ones below:

You must have a social media presence for your brand because it helps connect you with your audience and potential clients/customers.


Twitter is a social media website that allows you to connect with people who share your interests. You can join discussions and be notified of the latest information from news sources, television personalities, and anyone else you find interesting.


Facebook is a social network site where you can post about your life and connect with friends, old classmates, or people in your community. You can also find articles or videos on any topic, get instant updates on all the things that interest you, and share photos easily with different groups of people.


TikTok is a new video app in which you can shoot and record music video without the need for expensive equipment. TikTok has a wide range of crazy and funny videos, which will definitely make you laugh.


Snapchat is a cool app where you can send self-destructing photos and videos to your friends. With different filters, you can make your snaps look much cooler.


PowerPoint is arguably the most popular presentation software in the world. It gives users the ability to create presentations for all types of events – from conferences to corporate dinners to trade shows.

Kik Messenger:

Kik Messenger is an instant messaging application that allows you to exchange text messages, photos, stickers and videos with your friends who also have Kik Messenger installed on their phones.


LinkedIn is a business networking site that allows you to search through the profiles of people by their name, title, and industry. You can view these profiles within the site and interact with them by sending messages or requesting for a meeting.


SMS stands for Short Message Service. It’s a text messaging system that allows you to send short messages (usually 160 characters) to your friends.


MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. It’s a type of messaging that allows you to send pictures and videos as well as voice messages between your device and another device at no additional cost, but only if both devices are using MMS technology.

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